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"Free Music Downloads! Don't miss today's top free music downloads including Smack That and Fergalicious! It's Easy and 100% Legally! Search from millions of free songs or browse MP3 music downloads by category.

Our vast free music collection consists of MP3 songs of worldwide origin. Ez-Tracks is a legal music download site and does not offer peer-to-peer sharing.

The free mp3 downloads found on Ez-Tracks is brought to you through our partnerships with the record labels that own the rights to their tracks. When free songs are downloaded, the appropriate royalties are paid to the artists. It's totally legal, so there's no risk and no guilt involved." ... more
"Unlimited Music Downloads! Wish you had the ability to download all of the music you ever wanted?

Mp3MusicLive.com gives you access to the most widely used music downloading networks on the planet. Start searching and downloading music, movies, software and much, much more

Download anything you want - no time limits, no bandwidth limits, no content limits. Download anything you want anytime you want. We provide you access to the fastest and most reliable file-trading network online.

The largest Network
Get access to the largest downloading network on the planet.
With over 240 million users and over 5 million people on the network at any time - you're sure to find whatever you are looking for!" ... more
"Freeplay Music is FREE for home, private, personal, non commercial use

A paid license is required for using Freeplay Music in Advertising, Promotional, Radio, Video and DVD production as well as Multimedia, Festival, Religious, Podcast and Web use

Freeplay Music provides FREE synchronization for licensed ASCAP/BMI/SESAC National TV Broadcast program content (in exchange for cue sheet compliance

Individual mp3 or AAC files can be downloaded directly from our web site, via key word search, genre, or just by searching or browsing CD Volumes. Downloads and Previews are free. The entire Freeplay catalogue can also be obtained as WAV files on external, portable hard drive or NAS, complete with browsing keyword software. We can also provide a variety of popular music formats, i.e, Wav, BWave, Flac, Wavpack, AIFF etc, and can integrate our catalogue with any music library network management system, such as MSoft, Sound Miner and others..." more about Freeplay Music
"Electrobel, your underground electronic music community

Thousands of free songs - free to download and made by free & independent artists - in every thinkable electronic music genre, thats the treasure chest of Europe's leading electronic music community.

All works on the Electrobel platforms are released under a Creative Commons Licence, so that they can be copied, distributed and used for all non-commercial purposes. However, Electrobel is far more than just your local MP3-host.

Electrobel is a living community bringing together artists and fans, organising music events, coordinating mutual help and promoting the independent music culture across Europe. Feel welcome to take a trip into our electronic worlds. Register if you plan a longer stay ... more
"eMusic offers music lovers and casual music fans a more immersive, authentic music experience and better prices than mass market digital music retailers. It combines award-winning editorial, a state-of-the-art recommendations system, and social media features to provide the most musical context for an enthusiastic community of music fans, record labels, and artists alike. Customers are encouraged to explore music with subscription-based pricing that rewards discovery at a better value than any legal competitor.

The groundbreaking digital music retailer was one of the first to sell DRM-free music in the popular MP3 format beginning in 1998 and became the first service to sell audiobooks in MP3 in 2007. MP3 is the only DRM-free digital format that offers all the functions of physical music products such as the CD and is compatible with all digital audio devices, including the iPod and Zune.

www.eMusic.com was originally launched as a CD retailer in September 1995 by Creative Fulfillment, Inc. under the name eMusic. In 1998, it was acquired by Goodnoise, and in 2000, launched the world's first digital music subscription service. In 2003, Dimensional Associates, an operating company that manages private equity investments made by JDS Capital, purchased eMusic from Vivendi’s VU Net USA, which bought the company in 2001. Since then, the company has dramatically increased its subscriber base, expanded into 26 EU nations and Canada, and sold more than 300 million music downloads

eMusic caters to music lovers in the underserved 25-54 demographic. Its vast catalogue comprises more than 6 million tracks from over 60,000 record labels that span every conceivable music genre including rock, jazz, comedy, hip-hop, blues, classical, country, folk, children's music, electronic, world, reggae and more. The label roster includes well-known independents such as Concord Music Group, Koch, Naxos, Beggars Group, Saddle Creek, Warp, Domino, Barsuk and Merge. Recently, eMusic added the back catalogue of Sony Music Entertainment labels such as Arista, Columbia, Epic, Jive, LaFace, Legacy Recordings and RCA." ... more
" AMG started out in 1991 in Big Rapids, MI. Our original mission was to create books to help consumers find the "best" music. But, as our databases grew, we saw they could be powerful tools for online retailers and entertainment destinations. We started licensing the All Music Guide in 1993. In 1994, we added the All Movie Guide. Our award-winning websites started in 1995 and helped us find even more licensing customers. In 1998 we created the All Game Guide to address that growing market. In order to accommodate the growth of our business, we moved to Ann Arbor, MI in 1999. Since then, our staff has tripled in size.AMG licenses our entertainment content databases and technologies to a number of clients. We also maintain our websites, continue to produce new editions of our successful music guide series with Backbeat Books, and, in conjunction with Medalist Entertainment, we recently released the first group of CDs enhanced by our content." more
Free Music Project
free music from around the world
"Freeculture.org is building a library of the best free music the web has to offer. And we need your help.

This will be your music -- you are the curators and creators. We want everything: all genres, all time periods, all cultures—as long as it is available under a license for sharing and collaboration.

Our first project is with OLPC, the One Laptop per Child project, also commonly referred to as the $100 Laptop.

Help Us
  • Find your favorite freely-licensed music.
  • Upload it here on freemusic.freeculture.org.
  • Outline the license this music is being shared with, specifying how others can re-mix and build upon it.
  • Watch as your contribution may be shared with the world via the OLPC project!
... more
Royalty Free Music
"Royalty Free Music Library is a division of Prolific Arts, Inc. Our mission is to provide the production community with high quality, hassle-free production music at an affordable price."
"Royalty Free Music Library is proud to offer one of the largest offerings of online broadcast-quality royalty free music anywhere on the web. Download royalty free music from 3 of the top royalty free catalogs online:

Royalty Free Music Revolution - The definitive royalty free music catalog with over 1000 songs from some of the top composers in the industry.

Radical Music Library - Royalty free music with cutting edge productions and "indie" attitude. Created by professional composers with a long list of film and tv credits.

Mojo Music Library - An offering of top-notch royalty free music with broader coverage on each CD for those who need a bit wider coverage for their budget..." more
Jamendo is a community of free music
"Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.

Jamendo can be free and legal; thanks to Creative Commons licenses. They grant the right to download and share music for free and legally.

Artists choose to use these licenses, and to use jamendo as a means to share and promote their music." more
an online community for creating and sharing original music and audio
divya"We began building Jamglue in June 2006 with a general idea to make it easy for musicians to collaborate over the internet. As the idea evolved, we got excited about making it easy for musicians and non-musicians alike to play around with music and learn more about how it fits together. Music is really hard to make; we figure with some good web-based tools and a community of collaborators, we can make it easy and fun..."
"Jamglue is an online community for creating and sharing original music and audio. We let you upload as much music as you want, create mixes, and share your creations with the world!

One of the coolest things about Jamglue is our web-based remixer that lets you combine and edit tracks right in your browser.

Jamglue's simple Flash-based mixer works from within your browser! You don't have to be an experienced musician to make great mixes -- all you need is an imagination and a mouse.

Click the play button to start the mix playing.

While it's playing, drag some of the clips around and adjust the volume sliders... " more
Jango is all about making online music easy
"Launched in November 2007 and based in New York City, Jango is a social music service that lets you create and share custom radio stations. It's the easy way to play the music you want online, legally and free..."

"Jango is all about making online music easy, fun and social.

Just type in an artist - and your first station starts playing right away. You'll get the music you want, along with similar favorites of Jango users who share your taste. Customizing your stations further is just as easy. Just add more artists and rate songs that you want to play more or less.

You can also tune in to other people's stations - and they can tune in to yours! In your player, you'll see who's listening to the same music as you, who's listening to your stations, and what your friends are playing..." more
"Compose music online. Collaborate with musicians and friends around the world. Download and upload music files, such as MP3 and... more"
"Last.fm is a music service that learns what you love...

Every track you play will tell your Last.fm profile something about what you like. It can connect you to other people who like what you like - and recommend songs from their music collections and yours too.

…and as you use Last.fm, you make it better for you and everyone else.

When you recommend some music to a friend, or you tag it, or you write about it - even just listening to it - you shift the song's importance on the site. It'll be recommended to different people, because you've listened to it. It'll move up our music charts and maybe more people will hear it because you thought it was good." ... more
Linuxaudio.org libre music software
Linuxaudio.org is a not-for-profit consortium of libre software projects and artists, companies, institutions, organizations, and hardware vendors using Linux kernel-based systems and allied libre software for audio-related work, with an emphasis on professional tools for the music, production, recording, and broadcast industries.
... More
"MacJams is an online studio where musicians congregate, collaborate and critique each other for the betterment of their music and skills as musicians."
... more
"MixMatchMusic was founded to serve the needs of millions of musicians. Our technology-based products and services help musicians interact with fans in order to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers. MixMatchMusic's easy-to-use tools give all musicians the ability to engage fans through custom mobile applications, remix and music collaboration promotions, and viral music promotions across the social web.

MixMatchMusic is the evolution of an idea -- we set out to solve a problem we faced ourselves. Once we set about satisfying our own requirements, it was a natural next step to extend the solution to others.

MixMatchMusic has created tools that musicians and fans want and need in order to create the deep and lasting connections that build loyal audiences and enable musicians to profit from their music. These highly interactive tools enable musicians to constantly interact with through custom, mobile applications; engage fans creatively through remix contests and collaboration promotions that enable any fan with an internet connection to participate in the creative process and virally promote their music on Twitter and other social networks." ... more
MP3.com: A vocal community of musicians and fans

A slick, all-inclusive music site, MP3.com is fueled by an active community of musicians and fans who live to spread the word about music. The site caters to artists looking to promote their material and connect with listeners, and to fans that thrive on discovering new music and expressing their opinions.

The Lineup
  • Artist-provided content from both independent and major-label acts including customized artists pages with songs, videos, similar-artists lists, photos, bios, news, blogs, and forums.
  • Fan-generated content such as ratings, reviews, videos, blogs, forums, and favorites lists.
  • Exclusive coverage, editorial features, and original programming including web shows, artist interviews, concert webcasts, event reports, video album reviews, and more.
  • Thousands of free MP3s, plus streams of popular music videos and selected new albums."
... more
Oddio Overplay
Oddio Overplay is predominantly a catalog of neat-o websites that offer legal and free sharing of music. It began in 1994 as the music division of the now defunct Boxy (top image). In the years since, it has lived in various locations with various faces, the last of which is shown here

The primary purpose of this site is to connect artists and audiences. Artists who want the world to hear their music offer it online for free. This music is completely legal for a listener to download and enjoy. Oddio also refers visitors to music archives, such as the United States Library of Congress, Opsound, free netlabels and the Internet Archive, that are using the Internet to allow the public to access their sound resources.

The Internet has made file sharing easy, especially with fast connections. Friends on opposite sides of the world can exchange electronic data quickly. Musicians caught on right away that this would be an effective and inexpensive means of getting the music out to new ears. Demo cassettes have gone the way of the flexi-disk. Why burn a stack of CDs for the few when you can put your sounds online and reach potentially millions of people? The majority of the artists cited here are not signed to major labels, and can benefit from the exposure." ... more
Replay Music
"Applian Technologies (pronounced uh-ply-uhn) develops and provides world-class affordable streaming media recording software to the Windows user. As a strong proponent of Fair Use rights, we focus on offering solutions that provide the freedom to record streaming media for personal use. We are a customer-oriented company and strive to provide excellence in service and support.
Get the only toolkit that can download, capture, record and convert online video or audio from ANY web site. With our most popular Replay Capture Suite, if you can see it or hear it, you can save it to your PC.

You get a great deal when you buy this bundle, but you can order individual products too." ... more
Best in Public Domain MP3s
Download free MP3s of blues rock instrumental and folk classics.
"SoundClick, established in 1997, is an originator of the social media format. SoundClick continues to be the leading free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands plus state of the art social media tools.

SoundClick offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, lyrics and music e-cards.

SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their favorite music with viral widgets.

With 3.4 million members and 70+ million monthly pageviews, SoundClick is the ideal destination for original music fans and marketers who want to engage them creatively. " ... more
"Rhapsody is a digital music service that lets you listen to any song you want, wherever you are. Which is pretty great, but it didn't just spring into existence fully formed. It all began in 1999 with a company called Listen.com, a San Francisco start-up that set out to build a directory of all the legally-obtainable music on the Internet. Although the majors and a lot of indie labels hadn't yet made their catalogs available online, there were already hundreds of thousands of tracks to play or buy, and Listen.com developed tools to make it easy to navigate through that overwhelming jungle of choice: a style tree with over 500 different musical genres; key artists, albums and tracks in each of those genres to help you figure out where to begin, and so on.

In 2001, Listen built the first version of Rhapsody, an all-you-can-eat subscription service that launched with about 30,000 (mostly classical) tracks. Today we're closer to 10 million, in every genre you can imagine - though we're still arguing about whether glo-fi counts as its own style." ... more
"Vfib is an attempt to document the music of our favorite artists. To shine a light on a group of musicians possessing extraordinary songwriting talents along with an almost self-destructive lack of business acumen. The kind of people who write and record songs for themselves, with only a faint hope anyone else will pay attention. The kind of people who would rather work on the next song than make an effort that the last song be heard. Our hope is that you will love this music as much as we do. Maybe by pulling these artists together, the volume and quality of the work will demand it be heard.

The Vfib comps are given to you (as in FREE) in an effort to get the music out to as many people as possible. To us, this music is priceless and we get more satisfaction from turning people onto these bands than from charging a dollar a download. But, these bands deserve to be paid. Please support them by buying their full-length releases, going to their shows when they come through your town, and tell your friends to do the same.

In an additional effort to get these musicians paid, we have created Vfib Publishing. Each band has joined together to create a community of artists who share the financial gain of any income generated by placing their songs in movies, commercials, etc. In this writer/artist co-op, when a song is placed, half of the money generated will go to the writer of the song, the other half will go into the co-op to be divided evenly among all members. Sort of an Indie Rock retirement fund." ... more
"we7 is an outstanding new music destination where you can listen to, share and discover music for FREE, legally and safely. You choose the music you want to hear and play full songs and albums online, on-demand at anytime. We also offer you the ability to buy the music you love in high quality mp3 downloads which you can play on iPods and most other digital players.

This is all made possible by we7's unique and significant "MediaGraft" technology that allows us to dynamically attach adverts to the beginning of each song you listen to. The "MediaGraft" technology also creates new, targeted, advertising inventory which links the emotional power of music, creative short audio adverts and digital display ads (such as MPUs) together in such a way that digital effectiveness measurements increase significantly. These adverts are targeted at you, the user; the revenue generated from these adverts goes to artists, labels and other rights owners. You get music for free and the artist gets paid fairly - everybody wins." ... more

"WuZAM is a new and innovative mp3 search engine. WuZAM's powerful engine allows users to search for free music downloads from all over the internet. Unlike P2P programs, you don't have to wait for users to upload the file to you. Many of the free music downloads found on WuZAM are stored on high speed servers so your free mp3 downloads are quick and flawless. Give our search a try!" ... more
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