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AMT jets
AMT Puls.
JetCat USA
Baird Micro Turbines
M-DOT Aerospace
JetJoe turbine
Artes jets Microturbines
Accurate Automation Corp.
Jets-Munt SL
Bladon Jets
Lambert Microturbines
PST Jets Co., Ltd.
Frank Model Turbines
Behotec Turbines
US MicroJet LLC
Advance Turbine Design
Orbital Machine Works
General Vortex Energy, Inc.
Turbo Booster
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" AMT Netherlands designs and manufactures small gas turbines for the propulsion of radio-controlled flying aircraft, experimental aircraft development, and in the military target and surveillance drone field. Our turbines are also used in many kinds of research and education projects at universities all over the world. "more
" Wren Turbines Ltd are designers and manufacturers of small gas turbines and turbo shaft engines for use in model aircraft. The Company's first design is the highly successful MW54. This 12lb thrust engine has set a new standard in light weight and high efficiency. The engine won the first 3 places in the GTBA efficiency competition in 2000. Wren produces fully machined easy to assemble kits for the MW54 and has sold them widely across the world.
There are agencies for Wren in USA, Australia, New Zealand and in Japan.
The engine is an inexpensive light weight powerful unit that provides entry level for the first time turbine flyers as well as allowing the more experienced jet modellers to experiment with twin engine installations and to fly simple one piece models that easily fit in a standard car. The kit is simple to make over a 2-3 day period. Assembled MW54 engines are also available from Wren for those who do not wish to assemble their own engine " ... more
SimJet Dk
  • SimJet Turbines Design and manufacturing of micro turbines from 12 to 100 lbs thrust .
  • Simjet mechanical R&D. 3D design of all sorts of machines.
  • Simjet electronic R&D. Electronic control systems / software / PCB layout and prototyping.
  • Simjet prototypes and proof of concept models / from idea to working units
  • Simjet CNC. It all evolves around our in house top professional CNC work shop using aluminium / stainless steel / plastic / Inconell and other super alloys
US SimJet logoSimJet
" Nestled at the base of the Black Forest (the most southwestern area of Germany), Ing., CAT has two locations, our sales & engineering building in Staufen and our manufacturing building in Dottingen. The Dottingen building is about 16,000 sq ft in which 50% of it is dedicated to the production of turbine engines. We have 11 full time employees responsible for engineering, production and servicing the finest products we can offer. Our in house engineering staff produces all of our mechanical designs, turbine wheel and EGV molds, electronics and software giving us the technical edge and the security for our customer knowing that we are not dependent on outside engineering vendors. German quality is our most important attribute. When you own a JetCat Product, you will see the difference this makes!
We have been producing turbine engines since 1998 and have been involved with the electronic control units even earlier. JetCat developed the first automatic start system and has the US patent for this technology. ..." more
Baird Micro Turbines
Baird Micro Turbines
" BMT is committed to the manufacture of high quality and operator friendly micro turbines for model aircraft enthusiasts all over the world. With aero modeling experience of more than 30 years we can offer the best performance technology can offer at prices that cannot be beat. " more
Baird Micro Turbines
The BMT KS Series engines are Single Fuel Autostart Micro Turbines. They employs a single stage turbine with centrifugal compressor and axial turbine stage. The combustion chambers are annular in shape and utilizes an innovative fuel vaporizer system for efficient combustion. The main shafts are supported by two CERAMIC ball races lubricated and cooled using a part of the fuel supply as lubricant. The lubricating capability of the fuel is enhanced by the addition of 5% Turbine Oil.
M-DOT Aerospace
M-DOT AerospaceM-DOT Aerospace
M-DOT Designs, Develops and Manufactures Complex Aerospace Systems

We are ISO9001:2000 Certified and Strive for 100% Quality and On-Time Delivery 'Womb-To-Tomb' Can be used to describe our ability to literally take a sketch on the back of a napkin and turn it into an FAA certified system for a production aircraft. Projects range in complexity from simple straight stainless steel exhaust ducts to entire gas turbine engines and hypersonic missile fuel pump systems.

M-DOT AerospaceProducts and Capabilities:
  • Engineering Development of Small Gas Turbines
  • Engineering Development of Turbopumps and Centrifugal Pumps
  • Hot Titanium Forming and Titanium Machining... more about us
SWB TurbinesJetex.org exists to serve the world-wide community of enthusiasts for models powered by micro rocket motors, especially those exemplified by the Jetex series of engines.

Our mission is to be the premier Web resource for information and advice about such models and the motors that power them.

Jetex.org is the collaborative effort of enthusiasts from around the world. Contributors come from Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, the United States, and Wales. Their names can be found in the 'Acknowledgments' section at the foot of every content page.

The Jetex.org website is owned and managed by Ben Nead of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

The Jetex.org domain was founded in 1999 by Dr L. Edward Jones, a retired chemist, engineer and life-long Jetex enthusiast. Under his direction, the site quickly established itself as a definitive source of Jetex history and technical information.

2002 witnessed changes in ownership, with Jetex.org reappearing in a new guise by year's end. Continuity with the original site was preserved when Edward Jones generously contributed text and images that he had assiduously compiled in his pioneering enterprise.

Today, the website is constantly being expanded and enhanced to make it the internet's premier source of micro rocket motor and model jet resources... more
JakadofskyJetEngines is the aviation subsidiary
of RD technotrade GmbH.

Among the thousands of hours piloting Turbine Aircraft, we have been in the aviation business since 1985. We are doing primarily maintenance and alterations (for example working for Austrian Airlines and repair and inspections on earlier Eurocopter models like Alouette, Lama, Gazelle,etc.).
Since 1996 we are also producing very small jet engines for RC-models and three years ago we started to develope and produce small turboshaft units with a very unique metal gearbox integrated within the turbine.
This gearbox is extremely reliable and maintenance-free. Last year we received a patent for the entire system." more
Accurate Automation Corporation
Accurate Automation Corporation
" Accurate Automation Corporation is an innovative firm specializing in advanced Unmanned Vehicles. Accurate Automation has been responsible for the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of Unmanned Vehicles. Some of our programs include UAVs such as the X-43A-LS, LoFLYTE®,and GLOV. AAC is currently working on several USV contracts including launching a UAV from a USV...

Accurate Automation Corporation has developed a high performance, low-cost turbojet engine for use in UAVs, air-launched missiles, targets, and decoys. The engine, designated the AT-1500 has been developed under the Navy's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program.. This low cost engine is specifically designed for long storage life and zero-maintenance. The engine is 15" long, 8.6" maximum diameter, weighs 19-lbf (installed) and produces 150-lbf of thrust at sea level, static conditions. "
Jets-Munt SLJets-Munt SL
Jets-Munt SL
Jets-Munt SL is a join venture of ARMEC SL, a company specialising in manufacturing mechanical parts using CNC, and Gaspar Espiell, who provides the electronics and engine design. We have been in the turbine business since 1996 as suppliers for turbine manufacturers. During these years we have supplied thousands of mechanical and electronic turbine parts to at least eight well-known turbine manufacturers. Now we have decided to add our skills and developp our own products.
Logo Bladon Jets Turbines
Turbo Jet 67

Clean, Low Cost, Multi-Fuel Micro jet engines

"Bladon Jets' patented, breakthrough technology enables, for the first time, the production of small gas turbine engines that are lighter weight, less polluting and lower cost than reciprocating engines (sometimes called reciprosaurs) used in almost all cars and small planes today.

Since gas turbine engines will run on just about any type of fuel, including LPG and bio-fuels, they are not dependent on dwindling oil reserves. Unlike hydrogen where distribution is virtually non existent, fuels for gas turbine engines use existing distribution infrastructures." ... more
Lambert Microturbines Lambert MicroturbinesLambert Microturbines
PST Jets Co., Ltd.
PST Jets Co., Ltd.
PST Jets Co., Ltd. is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been designing and manufacturing miniature turbojet engines since 1997. Our products include different sizes of turbines and ARF Scale jets.

All products are produced in-house. Precision parts are machined with multiple axis lathe and milling CNC machines. Computer graphic, solid drawings, CAD/CAM Design, and laser cutting are routines technology used for product design and production.

We Design, We Build, We Fly.
Logo Frank Turbines
tj70 raptor tTurbo Jet 70 Raptor
Logo Behotec Turbines
Turbo Jet 67"The JB180 Gold Edition is based up the advancement of the legendary JB180. The turbine is equipped with a 5 axle CNC milled compressor. This is made of special high-strength aluminum alloy.

The new combustion chamber, compressor and the new electronic spend a very fast acceleration, excelent quiet running, as well as extraordinary dynamics to the turbine. The engine is provided as a standard with a starter and with all accessories necessary for the installation less battery. Test run certificate, delivered. The turbine is only available with kerosene start. The kerosene burner is fully integrated. The provided ECU (Electronic Controll Unit) is using a special software for the JB180-Gold edition and need only one receiving channel." ... more
Jet Artes Gulf Coast - Artes Jet Microturbine
AT-450"US MicroJet LLC, an American owned and operated company, has earned its reputation as the maker of the highest quality and most reliable MicroTurbine engines on the market.

US MicroJet has always focused on excellence – from our humble beginnings in 1998 all the way to 2008’s association with aerospace powerhouse General Tool Co. (GTC). GTC is a full-service aerospace and power generation job shop with customers such as NASA, Boeing, Lockheed and others. With their superior Capabilities and Certifications they are amongst the largest and best equipped manufacturers in the nation - meeting and exceeding the most demanding specifications. Making integral components for the Space Shuttle and Navy Destroyers is evidence of the level of confidence that the US Navy and NASA have in GTC.

The resources associated with being a part of the GTC family of companies launched US MicroJet into the most envied position of any MicroTurbine manufacturer in the world. Our engine components are precision made in world-class facilities. Product fabrication, as well as tooling and machining, is inspected, calibrated and strictly maintained to insure that our engines are the best in the industry which, in turn, allows our customers to enjoy the most economical Mean Time Between Overhauls (TBO) in the market." ... more
Model Mechanics (Pty) Ltd
ATDI - 80 Turbo jet 80lbs thrust w/1kw generator & Electric Start"Our in-house capabilities and our fully equipped machine shop and engineering department enable the implementation of our products from their inception to the final finished design.

Advance Turbine Design has developed a family of turbine engines, ranging from the ATDI-100 with 100 pounds of thrust down to turbines for the smallest applications. The workhorse engine with most accumulated flight and test cell hours is the ATDI-35 (35 lb. of thrust) micro-turbojet engine, shown in the above figure at the far right.

Advance Turbine Design's key competitive advantage is its innovative, low-cost approach to design and fabrication of miniature air breathing engine systems, which provides real value to its customers. The use of a streamlined, focused approach to product design leads to rapid technology development when compared to the rest of the gas turbine industry.

Advance Turbine Design has been engaged in the design, development and testing of micro-turbojet engines since 1986. The company has demonstrated record of accomplishments for both NASA and DOD customers by delivering high-quality engine systems and operational support. Engines from Advance Turbine Design are currently operating in flight test vehicles ranging in size from 30 lbs. up to 125 lbs. in twin-engine installations. In Addition, even more applications are nearing completion. Three ATDI-100 engines will power NASA low speed flight testing of hypersonic shapes up to transonic speeds." ... more
Orbital Machine Works
Orbital Machine Works
"Whether you need something mechanical, electronic, or a product that involves a combination of disciplines we can brainstorm it, design it, prototype it and deliver it as finished product.

(...) Science and Technology is our love and it drives us to explore.

Orbital Machine is a place where quantum physics, a machine shop, electronics, logic boards and software rub shoulders on a daily basis. Past projects include products for optical research, sports broadcasting, jet engines, the wind industry, electrical control components, outdoor gear or aftermarket products for travel trailers, we do it all.

Orbital Machine have launched a Mini-Cooper 1/4 mile through a field goal, made medical eye research instruments, built control electronics for a jet engine, and have software seen nightly on national television. We can make your project too." more

The Gas Turbines Builders Association
image GTBA
"The Gas Turbine Builders Association (GTBA), formerly known as the Gas Turbine Builders Contact Group (GTBCG), was started in the Summer of 1995 to encourage the exchange of information relating to the construction and operation of model gas turbines, originally focusing on the Schreckling FD3/64 and then the Kamps Microturbine.

Members are encouraged to contribute their ideas, experiences and developments through the online forum. Information is also regularly updated on sources of material and services available from individual members.

Details of significant improvements to the original FD3/64 and Kamps engines have been published and new designs of engines such as the KJ-66 and PT75 have become available from within the Group.

Lately the GTBA is concentrating on designing the "GTBA Engine". This engine is designed to be easy to build and the materials easy to obtain. It uses a simple design based on turbocharger parts." ... more
The GVE logo
Image General Vortex Energy, Inc.
General Vortex Energy, Inc.
"General Vortex Energy, Inc. (GVE) is a Texas based C-Corporation that was founded in April 2002. GVE owns a portfolio of intellectual property related to combustion technology and thermodynamic process optimization. GVE is currently focused on the final development and commercialization of the 'Vortex Combustor' which will have wide applications in low-emission and fuel flexible gas turbine systems." ... more
Turbo Booster

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