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The train

" Welcome to the official website for GRAND CANYON RAILWAY. Book your reservation online for one of five classes of service on our vintage train to the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon – the most magnificent of the seven natural wonders. An inexplicable urge to get acquainted with Mother Nature's crown jewel. A lifelong desire to come face to face with the world's deepest chasm. Of all that may pull you to the Grand Canyon, nothing is more powerful than Grand Canyon Railway's fleet of vintage locomotives.
As the mighty giant pulls you closer you're more than content to watch a remarkable world go by in the comforts of your train car. Out your window, mule-deer, elk and antelope feed as high desert turns to prairie, prairie to pine. It's a view that's ever changing until you come across a view that changes so dramatically, it could very well change you. Welcome to the Grand Canyon. " ... more

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