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France Antiques logo
"France Antiques is the server of all professionals concerned with the French antique market, including antique dealers, antiquarian book sellers, auctioneers and art publishers, suppliers and craftsmen, etc.

All the objects shown on our server are antiques and all our clients are recognised professionals." ... more
Rubylane logo
"Ruby Lane, an e-commerce web site located at www.rubylane.com, has been designed to bring buyers and sellers of antiques, collectibles fine art and fine handcrafted items together online, using the most sophisticated technology available.

We have created a process that makes it easy and convenient for non-technical consumers to become a part of the growing trend of internet retail opportunities. We pride ourselves in our service, ease of use, and reliability for all of Ruby Lane's visitors; finding items quickly and easily is key to our business.

Our strategy is to integrate the real world transactions of antiques and collectibles into the Internet's expanding global community. Borders are disappearing and communities are being built in the growing realm of online commerce; Ruby Lane enjoys being an integral and valuable part of the process." ... more
Biblio logo
Biblio"Biblio is an online marketplace for book fanatics. Our hundreds of leading dealers are scouring the planet 24 hours a day to bring to you well over 3 million unique, remarkable and collectable titles. Search for free… Whether you are looking for a special gift or want to add to your collection of antiquarian, rare, used or out-of print books, your search is almost over…"

Biblio Story
There is something magical about a corner used bookstore. The kind that are scattered across the world, where the faint smell of aging cloth and paper mingles with the quiet shuffle of pages, of covers sliding against each other as they are taken from their shelves. There is something that literally jumps inside of us when we enter these nearly hallowed community mainstays.

It's something a little more than just the senses. Something more than the thousands of books waiting to be experienced for the first time. Something that's a throwback to an age that's slowly disappearing in our fast paced world. Something like walking right into the chapters of a story: a story that rolls up The Count of Monte Cristo, Don Quixote, It's a Wonderful Life, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars all into a single, magnificent epic that both embraces and turns us loose. We strive to be a part of that epic." ... more
Agostino logo
Tias.com logo
artnet Auctions
"Tias.com began in April of 1995 when e-commerce was just getting started.

Tias.com is now the largest "fixed price" source of antiques and collectibles on the Internet, serving over 120 million page views per month.

TIAS.com aggregate merchandise from many online antique and collectible merchants and distribute this merchandise on the Web through online classifieds, online auctions, merchandising services and our online catalog.

Tias.com receive a sales commission from these merchants for providing them with this service.

Tias.com MakeAShop system allows merchants to build an customized online store in about 15 minutes. This store also enables the merchant to distribute their inventory to online sources such as Google and also allows the merchant to auction their inventory on major online auctions such as eBay®. Each store is also enabled for credit card transactions.

The TIAS software product is fully web-based -- all that's needed is a web browser." ... more
artnet Auctions
"Buying and selling antiques runs in my blood and has been a part of my life since my childhood. I am a born Antiquer. I have been a buyer, seller, collector, hoarder, and accumulator, of antiques and old stuff for 50 years or more and I am close to 60 years old as of 2010.

My initial education in acquiring and appreciating antiques and collectibles began as a child working with my mother as we went curbside in New Jersey during monthly "pickup" week. My mom was such a fanatic that my home town instituted an ordinance in our hometown against having more than 2 sales a year. This was back in the 60's before yard sales were in vogue. She overcame that roadblock by simply moving the venue around. I remember those days, experiences, and the finds fondly! It was a lot different from today. (...)

Our antique sales website, www.Patented-Antiques.com is one of the largest and best known single owner internet antique sales websites on the internet. Both of our websites have great search engine placement, and get close to 1000 unique visitors each day from all over the world. That equates to world wide sales exposure 24 /7 and 365 days a year of interested viewers We charge a reasonable percentage / commission rate, and when we sell antiques on consignment the benefits to you, the owner / consignor over other means of sales are numerous and obvious.

We primarily buy, sell, and deal in patented, mechanical, and vintage technology related antiques and collectibles spanning the era from the mid-1800's and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution to just after the turn-of-the 20th Century. General or Country store antiques as well as related advertising are sought as well.

We are actively seeking antique sewing machines, (Pre-1870) American patent models, and vintage salesman samples. Antique surveying instruments, antique woodworking tools, and many other types of patented and / or mechanical antiques, related advertising, country store antiques, and more from this era are of special interest and what we specialize in." ... more
Bonhams logo

"Bath Antiques Online : A select showcase of the finest antiques and collectables from the leading dealers in Bath and the West of England. Each item has been hand selected and each member chosen for their specialist knowledge and keen eye. Merged together under one umbrella for your convenience and peace of mind. The items you see here are just the tip of the iceburg and we welcome your individual wishlist requests to help us present the coveted items of your dreams. Dip into the treasure chest that is Bath Antiques Online, relax and enjoy! " ... more
Antiques and the Arts logo
"A weekly newspaper serving the antiques and arts industry, collectors, and institutions. New information each week on antiques shows and auctions around the country and antiques dealer listings." ... more
Doyle's logoThe French Antiques Warehouse image logo
"Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc is a direct importer of fine French antiques & accessories. We were founded by Nicole Riddle & the Tucci family in 1985 in Montgomery, Alabama. Our selection features a large variety of 18th, 19th & 20th Century pieces." more
Antique Resources logo
Antique Resources"Antique Resources houses a stellar collection of over 1,000 chandeliers, paintings, and fine furniture from Europe and South America dating as far back as the early 17th century! He is now featuring over 400 early chandeliers, currently the largest collection in the Midwest.

Collectors will also find accessories including clocks, oil paintings, sculpture and much more.

As a treat, Richard exhibits some of his personal collection of early brass objects and lighting devices.

Richard is a frequent advisor to movie makers and theater companies.

His antiques have appeared in such productions as The Babe, Hoodlums, and The Untouchables. He has made special appearances on television. He guarantees all merchandise for authenticity.

You can visit his website at www.antiqueresourcesinc.com for a sample of the magnificent inventory. To his family, he is a true inspiration. His sons, Douglas and Spencer Weisz are following in their father’s footsteps in fields relevant as well. .." more
The Didier Aaron Gallery logo
Didier Aaron Gallery "The Didier Aaron Gallery opened in 1923 and today offers its clients one of the world's most beautiful collections of works of art. The gallery is also host to one of the biggest collections, with close to 500 works on permanent display.

The collection brings together furniture, paintings, drawings and art objects from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, at a time when the greatest names in the fine arts world rubbed shoulders with the cabinetmaker masters in an ambiance of eclecticism and 'exactingness' on which the reputation of the gallery has been built for the past 80 years. You are able to acquire works by Fragonard, Boulle, Oeben or objects from Sèvres.

The Didier Aaron Gallery operates via three galleries in Paris, New York and London. In 2007 the Gallery created an international web site, www.didieraaron.com, which presents a selection of works from the collection." ... more
The Antiquarian Gallery logo
The Antiquarian Gallery
"Antiques.com is the premier online resource to find, buy, sell, and collect antiques, fine arts and collectibles - with over 96,000 items for sale! Looking for a dealer, appraiser, flea market, show or auction? Find antique furniture, antique jewelry, antique toys, Asian antiques and so much more. We have over 30,000 listings to search. Looking for information? Visit our magazine to attain expert advice, read news or browse informative articles.

Antiques.com was launched February 1, 2010 and is now the fastest growing antique website. With 34,000 vendor listings, including dealers, shops, appraisers, auctions, flea markets and antique malls, Antiques.com has the most robust and up-to-date vendor listings available online." ... more
Artemission.com logo
"The leading antiquities gallery online, Artemission.com (Atticart Ltd.) is based in South Kensington, London, U.K. We specialise in ancient art from Egypt, the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, in Islamic Art and Ancient Coins.

Artemission.com have forty years experience in the field of antiquities. Galleries, museums and private collectors throughout the world have been regular clients for many years. We do our own research on items and also seek the opinions of museums, scholars and other experts.

Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for culture, period, material and size and we provide a lifetime authenticity refund." ... more
Antiquarian Traders logo
Antiquarian Traders sculptures
"Antiquarian Traders has been an established dealer in rare and unusual antiques for over thirty years. We specialize in mint condition antique furniture and museum quality pieces from the 19th and early 20th century. We trade, rent, and purchase antiques as well.

Our 75,000 square foot showroom in downtown Los Angeles houses thousands of antiques. Anyone is welcome to visit our showroom or you can visit us online. Our website is updated daily so remember to come back and check for new inventory. We stock Quality Antique American Victorian furniture, antique dining sets, antique tables, antique cabinets, architectural pieces, antique entry gates, antique chandeliers, antique mirrors, antique stained glass, Steinway pianos, antique paintings, Bruinswick pool tables, Art Deco sculptures, antique desks, American rolltop desks, Wooton desks, and furniture from the 19th Century Period. Here you will find the premier American and French designers including: Louis Majorelle, Pottier & Stymus, Belter, Herter Brothers, R.J. Horner, Thomas Brooks, the American cabinetmaker, and Emile Gallé, the acclaimed French Art Nouveau glassmaker." ... more
Ravenel Art Group logo
"Everywhere in the world, Ravenel Art Group is the symbol of refined art culture. It also plays the role of collection advisor for the "20th & 21st Centuries' Chinese Art".

Ravenel Art Group, incorporated in June 1999, receives the complete professional and technical support from Drouot – a major French artwork auctioneer with long-lasting history. Its tenet is to introduce refined European culture, synchronize artistic creation and investment, and push forward contemporary Chinese art. Ravenel brings about dedicated and systematic collection and artistic works investment to enterprises, collectors and foundations across Asia by means of artwork auction which focuses on oil painting and sculpture, intermediary service, art fund investment etc.

It provides important overseas media and art institutions with Chinese artists and dynamic information in China's contemporary art market via the online platform (http://ravenelart.com) by presenting exhibition for contemporary Chinese artists in cooperation with major overseas art institutions, in order to facilitate long-term development of Chinese art in international arena.

Ravenel Art Group has two major art-related departments: Ravenel European Art Auctioneer and Ravenel Art Investment. Through 10 years' unremitting efforts, the numerous businesses including auction, intermediary service, web site, exhibition etc. have achieved remarkable results. New programs such as insurance, fund, foundation and so on are now under preparation. In 2006, along with the strategic expansion in China mainland, Ravenel Beijing was established. Ravenel Art Group will inevitably provide enterprises, collectors, foundations as well as other institutions and individuals with abundant and more professional collection and investment services" ... more
Mallett  logo
"Mallett is one of the oldest established antiques dealers in the world, specialising in the finest pieces of furniture and works of art, including pictures, clocks and other high quality objets d'art, primarily from the 18th century and Regency periods. For over 100 years Mallett has been sourcing important antiques with impeccable provenance for private collectors and the great museums of the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The business was founded in 1865 in Bath by John Mallett, a jeweller and silversmith, and was carried on by his son, Walter Mallett, who expanded the trade to include old silver and furniture. In 1910 a shop was opened in New Bond Street, London and in 1937 the business, by which time had become one of the leading antique dealers in England, moved to London with the Bath premises being closed. Ever since then the business's principal showroom has been in New Bond Street, London. In 2003 the business opened its showroom in Madison Avenue, New York, thus establishing itself in the two major centres of the international antiques market, London and New York.

In 2008 Mallett launched two new businesses, Meta and James Harvey British Art." ... more
Arnaud Catel logo
Arnaud Catel
"An antique dealer for over 20 years, Arnaud CATEL, Member of Ordinex (Organisation Internationale des Experts) at Geneva and Adherent of the National Union of Antiques Dealers, invites you to share his passion for Art Objects of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The gallery is specializing in 18th century barometers which are all in perfect condition.

The gallery also exhibits game tables designed for backgammon, 17th and 18th century portraits and some furniture from royal places ( Castles of Les Tuileries and Fontainebleau ).

A certificate of authenticity is provided for each art object." ... more
Florian Papp, Gallery TourFlorian Papp, Inc. logoFlorian Papp, Inc. company history
Florian Papp, Seating Through the Centuries
"The company's namesake and founder, Florian Papp, migrated to New York at the end of the 19th century from Budapest to work as a cabinetmaker and antique furniture restorer. Finding success in this venture, he eventually amassed a collection of European antiques and opened a gallery in 1900.

Florian Papp's gallery was originally located in Chelsea until his two sons, William and Joseph joined him in the 1940s and followed the trends of the New York art world to the 57th Street area. In 1955 along with William's wife Alice, this second generation changed locations again to the current location on Madison Avenue between 75 and 76 Street.

The third generation, Melinda and William Jr. joined in the late 1970s and currently function as co-directors.

Florian Papp discovers quality antiques by examining the collections of antique dealers, private sellers, estates, and auction galleries both in the United States and abroad. Many of the pieces have been in the collection before, chosen by one of the two previous generations. They consider over 1000 antiques a week but rarely buy more than one or two." ... more
Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Works of Art
Blumka Gallery: A Renaissance period polychrome enamel on copper of The Nativity, French Limoges, circa 1500
"Blumka Gallery is a fourth generation firm specializing in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque works of art including ivory, enamel, furniture, ceramics, metalwork, paintings, and sculpture in stone, wood and terracotta. Since 1938 the gallery has had several locations in Manhattan, and now rests on East 72nd Street.

Over the years Blumka Gallery has been responsible, through both sales and donations, for the development and enrichment of public and private collections in America and Europe. The Blumkas played a prominent role in enhancing the Bondy, Brummer, Linsky and Untermeyer collections, as well as those of public institutions such as The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Cleveland Museum of Art; The Detroit Institute of Arts; The Frick Collection; The J.Paul Getty Museum; and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich; The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, and the Louvre, to name a few.

Blumka Gallery participates in world-class fairs such as The European Fine Art Fair each spring in Maastricht, the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, and most recently, the Munich Highlights. In addition, Blumka Gallery mounts a biennial exhibition of recent acquisitions, “Collecting Treasures of the Past,” in conjunction with Julius Böhler Kunsthandlung of Starnberg, Germany, a firm in its fifth generation of operation. The long tradition of both firms in the international art market and their combined expertise allows for exhibitions of the highest possible quality." ... more
Chinese Porcelain CompanyChinese Porcelain CompanyChinese Porcelain Company
Dalva Brothers logo
Dalva Brothers
Louis XV commode veneered with kingwood "bois de bout" marquetry on a tulipwood ground by Jacques van Oostenrijk dit "Dautriche". Rhe ormoulu bronzes and borders are framed in amaranth, typical for this ébéniste. Signed: J. Dautriche
"Dalva Brothers was founded in 1933 by Leon Dalva Sr. and his brothers. He and his wife Jean ran the gallery until they were joined by their sons David II and Leon Jr. The founder’s grandsons, David III, and most recently Adam are the third generation of Dalvas to work here. We have recently moved to a six story historic townhouse at 53 East 77th Street after over 60 years on East 57th Street.

Dalva Brothers has one of the finest and largest inventories of 18th century continental decorative arts in the world, including furniture, porcelain, clocks, and sculpture, displayed in period paneled rooms. We have sold pieces to interior decorators, collectors, dealers, and museums, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Louvre. Our collection ranges from masterpieces with royal provenance to beautiful but more accessible pieces that reflect the amazing craftsmanship and design skills of eighteenth century Europe." more
Jeremy Ltd logo
JEREMY LTD established 1946

"With two past presidents of the British Antique Dealers' Association, the company's aim has been to satisfy the most discerning of collectors, interior designers and museums - the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Peabody Essex Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum being amongst those museums that Jeremy Ltd has sold objects to.

A look around our gallery reveals some outstanding examples of English, Russian and Chinese antique furniture and works of art." more
Frank Partridge logo
"Frank Partridge belongs to the fourth generation of one of Englandʼs major art dealing families. Founded in 1900 by the present Frank Partridgeʼs great grandfather Frank Partridge the business opened a gallery almost opposite Christieʼs in King Street dealing in the very finest English and French furniture and Chinese porcelain. This premises received a direct hit in 1939 and Frank Partridge Snr moved his business to the famous “Partridge” Bond Street building opposite Sothebyʼs in New Bond Street.

During this period Partridgeʼs received the Royal Warrant as Purveors of fine art to Queen Mary who was a frequent visitor to the galleries. He was succeeded by his son, Claude and then his grandson John, the present Frank Partridgeʼs father who changed the name from Frank Partridge to Partridge Fine Arts. Here the business stayed until the sale of the business in 2006 when Frank and his wife, Susan, continued to trade under his name keeping to the traditions of the family of dealing in the very finest of French and English furniture, paintings and objet dʼart of the 18th Century.

Frank Partridge has helped form some of the greatest collections that have been created in the 20th Century, and advises clients in both purchase of items in the auctions houses, privately and from other dealers and has had over 30 years of experience in the overseeing of art restoration working with some of the top restoration houses in the country." ... more
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