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Student Aid
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U.S. Department of Education logo
"This award-winning site is designed to help pursue the President's initiatives, including No Child Left Behind, and advance our mission as a Department—to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans. It also supports the work of ED offices, led by senior ED officials

We've redesigned this site to make finding information easier:

The search is improved. When you search, you'll see results that are more relevant.

Information is presented in multiple ways, including in five categories: grants and contracts, financial aid for students, education resources, research and statistics, and policy." ... more
Educ. Commission of the States logo
 Image"The Mission of the Education Commission of the States
The mission of the Education Commission of the States is to help states develop effective policy and practice for public education by providing data, research, analysis and leadership; and by facilitating collaboration, the exchange of ideas among the states and long-range strategic thinking.

ECS Vision
To be the leader and key resource in the process through which the states continually learn from one another as they work to improve teaching and learning for their citizens.

These statements have evolved over time, and were created during a time of transition for the organization." ... more
Fafsa logoStudent Aid logo
Fafsa Image"Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school. We consistently champion the promise of postsecondary education to all Americans —and its value to our society.

Federal Student Aid plays a central and essential role in supporting postsecondary education by providing money for college to eligible students and families. We partner with postsecondary schools, financial institutions and others to deliver services that help students and families who are paying for college.

Today, Federal Student Aid performs a range of critical functions that include, among others:

•Educating students and families on the process of obtaining aid;
•Processing millions of student financial aid applications each year;
•Disbursing billions of dollars in aid funds to students through schools;
•Enforcing financial aid rules and regulations;
•Servicing millions of student loan accounts, and securing repayment from borrowers who have defaulted on their loans; and
•Operating information technology systems and tools that manage billions in student aid dollars.

This is a complex, multifaceted mission that calls on a range of staff skills and demands coordination by all levels of management." ... more
Federal Student Aid logoStudent Aid logo
Fafsa Image"Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, plays a central and essential role in America's postsecondary education community. Our core mission is to ensure that all eligible individuals benefit from federal financial assistance—grants, loans and work-study programs—for education beyond high school. The Federal Student Aid team is passionately committed to making education beyond high school more attainable for all Americans, regardless of socioeconomic status. By championing access to postsecondary education, we uphold its value as a force for greater inclusion in American society and for the continued vitality of America as a nation.

The programs we administer comprise the nation's largest source of student aid. Every year we provide more than $150 billion in new aid to nearly 14 million postsecondary students and their families. Among our most visible and essential services are the development, distribution, and processing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM), the form used to apply for all federal, as well as for many state, regional and private student aid programs. Each year approximately 14 million FAFSAs are processed.

The aid from our programs allows students and their families to cover school expenses, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. To receive federal student aid, a student must be enrolled in an eligible program at participating postsecondary institution, whether it be a two- or four-year public or private college or university, career school, or trade school." ... more
National School Choice Week logo
National School Choice image"Our message is simple: we need a K-12 education system that provides a wide array of options. We need an effective education system that has the flexibility to personalize and motivate students and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child.

National School Choice Week was created to provide a concentrated focus on this mission – a time for the media and the public to hear our resounding message and a time to bring new voices into the chorus. There is no one organization behind this effort; those working on setting it up come from a variety of school reform organizations. We may each have a specialty: charter school growth and success, universal vouchers and tuition tax credits, corralling out-of-control spending, or union accountability, but each is equally important and all should plan to be a part of this special week.

National School Choice Week needs your participation to succeed as a bullhorn for the school choice movement. Sign up for updates about this national upcoming event and stay tuned to learn how you and your organization can maximize its opportunities and help the school choice movement pump up the volume." ... more
Foundation for Economic Education, FEE logo
Foundation for Economic Education"The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), one of the oldest free-market organizations in the United States, was founded in 1946 by Leonard E. Read to study and advance the freedom philosophy. FEE’s mission is to offer the most consistent case for the “first principles” of freedom: the sanctity of private property, individual liberty, the rule of law, the free market, and the moral superiority of individual choice and responsibility over coercion.

For decades these ideals have been ignored to an alarming degree. Despite the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Empire, too many Americans do not seem to appreciate the very concept upon which the Founding Fathers established the American Republic.

Our vital task is to counter this trend. To help people rediscover how essential freedom is to human existence and to demonstrate how dangerous it is to move toward any form of collectivism, FEE offers a comprehensive educational program to all students of liberty.

The Foundation’s publications offer timeless insights on the positive case for human liberty to thousands of people of all ages in America and around the world. Throughout the year FEE’s lectures, programs and seminars bring thousands of individuals together to explore the foundations of free enterprise and constitutionally limited government." ... more
PTA logo
"The Mission of the Parent Teacher Association, PTA
"Support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children; To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.

;The Purposes of the PTA
"Promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community, and place of worship. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education." ... more
AACE logo
AACE"The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), founded in 1981, is an international, not-for-profit, educational organization with the mission of advancing Information Technology in Education and E-Learning research, development, learning, and its practical application.

"AACE serves the profession with international conferences, high quality publications, leading-edge Digital Library, Career Center, and other opportunities for professional growth.
• Conferences
• Publications
• Digital Library
• Career Center
• Store
• and other professional growth opportunities

Join with fellow professionals from around the world!
Its members, conference participants, and journal readers include researchers, developers, professors, trainers, administrators, directors, evaluators, graduate students, policy decision-makers, trainers, adult educators, practitioners, and other specialists in education, industry, and government with an interest in advancing knowledge and learning with Information Technology in Education and E-Learning." ... more
NSTA logo
NSTA"The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), founded in 1944 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. NSTA's current membership of 60,000 includes science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Teachers Association is a member-driven organization, 60,000-strong. We publish books and journals for science teachers from kindergarten through college. Each year we hold four conferences on science education: three regional events in the fall and a national gathering in the spring. We provide ways for science teachers to connect with one another. We inform Congress and the public on vital questions affecting science literacy and a well-educated workforce. And with your help, we can do even more." ... more
ASCD logo
"Founded in 1943, ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 160,000 members in 148 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members.

Our nonprofit, nonpartisan membership association provides expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.

ASCD connected communities bring together groups of individuals concerned with improving learning and teaching who wish to align with ASCD. Each connected community determines its focus and goals.

Student Chapters
ASCD engages student chapter members and links them with members of the ASCD community. These future educators gain the "ASCD edge" which elevates their future professional performance.

ASCD Professional Interest Communities
ASCD Professional Interest Communities are member-initiated groups designed to unite people around a common area of interest. With Professional Interest Communities." ... more
The National Center for Learning Disabilities logoNCLD image
NCLD image
"The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) works to ensure that the nation's 15 million children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities have every opportunity to succeed in school, work, and life.

Mission & History
The National Center for Learning Disabilities works to ensure that the nation's 15 million children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities have every opportunity to succeed in school, work, and life.

NCLD provides essential information to parents, professionals and individuals with learning disabilities, promotes research and programs to foster effective learning, and advocates for policies to protect and strengthen educational rights and opportunities." ... more
CER logo
"In the emerging landscape of education reform, the Center for Education Reform is the leading voice for structural and sustainable changes that can dramatically improve educational opportunities for decades to come. Our guiding purpose is to improve the accuracy and quality of discourse and decisions about education reform, leading to fundamental policy changes that make a difference long after news and election cycles have ended.

As part of our core mission, the Center works on three primary fronts:
— Generating and sharing leading ideas and information
— Supporting and enabling grassroots activism
— Protecting and stimulating media coverage and issue accuracy." ... more
Teach For America logo
Teach For AmericaTeach For America History
"Wendy Kopp proposed the idea for Teach For America in her Princeton University undergraduate thesis in 1989. In 1990, a charter corps of 500 committed recent college graduates joined Teach For America and began fueling the movement to eliminate educational inequity. Since then, nearly 33,000 participants have reached more than 3 million children nationwide during their two-year teaching commitments. They have sustained their commitment as alumni, working within education and across all sectors to help ensure that children growing up in low-income communities get an excellent education.

Given the magnitude of the achievement gap, we have aggressively worked to grow and deepen our impact. Our corps members and alumni have helped accelerate the pace of change as teachers, principals, elected officials, social entrepreneurs, and leaders in all fields. Alongside many others, they have proven that classrooms, schools and now whole communities can transform the life trajectories of all students, regardless of background.

We are energized by the progress we have made over the past 22 years and more hopeful than ever before that one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Teach For America Organization
All kids – no matter where they live, how much money their parents make, or what their skin color is – deserve access to a great education. But in our country today, a significant achievement gap exists between low-income children and their wealthier peers. It’s not easy to close this gap, but hundreds of proof points show that it’s possible. It takes committed leaders in our classrooms today who will continue to fight for students tomorrow. Teach For America’s mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by developing such leaders.

- We recruit committed recent college graduates of all backgrounds to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools
- We train and develop these corps members so that they have an immediate positive impact on their students
- We foster the leadership of our alumni as they address this problem from all sectors" ... more
NCEA logo
NCEA logo
NCEA Mission Statement

"Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is a professional membership organization that provides leadership, direction and service to fulfill the evangelizing, catechizing and teaching mission of the Church.

Brief History of the National Catholic Educational Association
NCEA traces its official beginning to a meeting held in St. Louis, Missouri, July 12-14, 1904. At that meeting the separate Catholic education organizations, the Education Conference of Catholic Seminary Faculties (1898), the Association of Catholic Colleges (1899) and the Parish School Conference (1902) agreed to unite as the Catholic Educational Association (CEA).

From then until 1919, the CEA was the only unifying agent for Catholic education at the national level. In 1919, the establishment of the National Catholic War Council (NCWC), later changed to National Catholic Welfare Council, to serve as an agency of the American bishops to coordinate all Catholic activity, including education, marked a new era for CEA. A working relationship of independent cooperation between the Association and the Department of Education of NCWC was established that endures with the NCW successor, the United States Catholic Conference (USCCB).

In 1927, the word ‘national’ was added to the official CEA title and, in 1929, the association headquarters moved to Washington, DC to be in proximity to other national secular agencies of education. The Association began a policy of friendly cooperation with other private and public educational associations and federal government agencies in the service of all aspects of American education.

The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, founded independently in 1899, has a long relationship with the various components that later became the National Catholic Educational Association, of which it has for some time been a constitutive member. As of July 1, 2000, ACCU is an independently incorporated 501(c3) organization and an Affiliate of the NCEA." ... more
iNACOL logoiNACOL image
The International Association for K-12 Online Learning

"iNACOL, The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, is a non-profit organization that facilitates collaboration, advocacy, and research to enhance quality K-12 online teaching and learning. What we do:
1. Facilitate the sharing, collection, evaluation, and/or dissemination of information resources and materials.
2. Facilitate and disseminate research, and identify research needs.
3. Advocacy and public policy that supports activities and legislation that removes barriers and supports effective online teaching and learning without respect to space and time.
4. Develop and facilitate national K12 online learning standards.
5. Create the voice of K12 within the larger education community with effective marketing, communications, and public relations activities.
6. Assist and facilitate funding efforts for online K12 learning.
7. Facilitate professional development for teachers and administrators.
8. Identify and drive future directions in K-12 online education.
9. Network and identify collaborative opportunities with other professional K-12 organizations.
10. Drive educational initiatives that incorporate online learning in ways that transform positive learning outcomes for students." ... more
AERA logo
AERA"The American Educational Research Association (AERA), founded in 1916, is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.

AERA is the most prominent international professional organization, with the primary goal of advancing educational research and its practical application. Its more than 25,000 members are educators; administrators; directors of research; persons working with testing or evaluation in federal, state and local agencies; counselors; evaluators; graduate students; and behavioral scientists.

The broad range of disciplines represented by the membership includes education, psychology, statistics, sociology, history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, and political science." ... more
AIMS logo
AIMS image"AIMS is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping teachers give students a solid conceptual understanding of math and science

In 1981, 80 elementary and middle school teachers who shared the dream of giving students a strong hands-on foundation in math and science came together at Fresno Pacific and wrote the first AIMS’ activity books. Teachers loved them! Students learned more, learned in greater depth, and enjoyed learning. The word spread, and soon teachers across the nation were using AIMS to engage their students in hands-on learning.

Today, with pacing guides to follow and testing schedules to meet, teachers have less freedom to take advantage of teachable moments. Yet hands-on experiences are needed more than ever! So AIMS remains dedicated to producing math and science materials that will engage students and build conceptual understanding.

As a non-profit foundation, we are motivated by a passion for teaching and learning, not by profit. Our home is still on the campus of Fresno Pacific University. We are committed to doing what’s best for students, and we never tire of helping them experience the joy of learning." ... more
AAICU logo
"The Association of International Colleges and Universities was founded in 1971 by a group of college and university presidents with a desire to share information in an informal setting, to encourage collaboration and to share resources among schools which share many issues in common.

The first meeting was held in Athens, Greece in April of 1972 at Pierce College, which is now a part of the American College of Greece. Institutions with representatives in attendance included: American University of Beirut (Lebanon), Beirut College for Women (Lebanon), American College of Rome (Italy), Schiller College (Germany), Haigazian College (Lebanon), Institute for American Universities (France), American College in Paris (France), The American College in Cairo (Egypt), and Pierce College (Greece). The association held its second meeting in Aix-en-Provence, France in November of that same year at The Institute for American Studies. A membership directory was completed and the association voted to maintain a schedule of bi-annual meetings.

Thus, during the 1970s, members focused on establishing the association’s infrastructure. They crafted its mission, incorporated, adopted by-laws, and established criteria for full membership.

As the association matured, it stayed true to its mission, creating a rich collaborative environment for members, while slightly modifying its image and schedule. In March 1988, at a meeting in Rome, Italy, it was proposed that the Association should include the term American in its title. Subsequently, by general consent, the Association of International Colleges and Universities (AICU) earned another A and become known as the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU). By then, the membership had grown to nearly twenty institutions, double what it had been upon founding. In the 1990s, members voted to modify the meeting schedule from bi-annual to annual. The annual meetings are attended by the institutions’ presidents and usually by the chief academic officers. Today the membership includes sixteen full members and six affiliates." ... more
PARI logo
PARI image"Learning does not end at the classroom door. All children can become successful learners when their efforts are supported by the school, home, and community environments. Parent Academic Resources Incorporated (PARI) believes that out of these three support structures, the parent remains a child's most important teacher. To this end PARI, a 501(c)(3) educational corporation, is committed to helping parents, parent organizations, schools, and communities promote effective learning in the home.

Studies have been able to correlate parental support of schoolwork at home with improved student achievement. Yet, it has also been shown that parents tend to become less involved with their child's schooling after the elementary years. Busy schedules, a child's growing sense of independence, and a parent's comfort level with increasingly complex schoolwork, are all impediments to effective parent involvement in middle school and high school. PARI aims to empower parents during their children's adolescent years, increase parent involvement, and ultimately foster high levels of student learning.

Mission Statement
Parent Academic Resources Incorporated promotes the growth of effective parent involvement in the middle school and high school years through the creation and dissemination of print and training resources for parents. Through academic-specific support, and guidance on adolescent development, parents will use the resources to build confidence in their ability to help with school and schoolwork." ... more
The Center for Innovation in Education logo
The Center for Innovation in Education"The Center for Innovation in Education is the leading provider of mathematics inservice and training in the country. Our workshops are open to teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents. Over 300,000 people have participated in our workshops.

The Center for Innovation in Education, a nonprofit organization, was co-founded in 1975 by two classroom teachers, Mary and Bob Baratta-Lorton. They shared a philosophy based upon the belief that all children can learn and that every child matters. Their commitment was to find ways that helped teach the way children learn.

A page of abstract symbols, no matter how carefully designed or simplified, cannot involve the student's sense in the way real materials can. Symbols are not the concept. They are only a representation of the concept and as such are abstractions describing something which is not visible to the student. Real materials can be used by the child to assist their understanding of the concept which lie behind the symbols. Children construct meaning and understand concepts better through the use of manipulatives." ... more
CEAI logo
CEAI image"The CEAI mission is "To Encourage, Equip and Empower Educators according to Biblical Principles." The Christian Educators Association International is the only professional association for Christians who are called to serve in public schools. CEAI members have served the youth of America since 1953 through classroom teachers, administrators, and para-professionals in education.

CEAI is a non-profit religious association with a Membership Service Center in Westlake, Ohio. Our support is through memberships, tax-deductible donations and grants. CEAI membership consists of teachers, administrators, para-professionals including any person hired by a school district. In addition, we offer associate membership to parents, pastors, school board members, youth leaders and others concerned or interested in the education of our children.

CEAI Vision
God's Love and Truth transforming our schools.

CEAI Mission
To Encourage, Equip and Empower Educators according to Biblical Principles
- Proclaim God's Word as the source of wisdom and knowledge
- Portray teaching as a God given calling and ministry
- Promote educational excellence as an expression of Christian commitment
- Preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and values through education
- Promote the legal rights of Christians in public schools
- Provide a forum on educational issues with a Christian world view
- Partner with churches, parachurch organizations, educational institutions and parents
- Provide resources and benefits for educators including professional liability insurance." ... more
FACE logo
Fellowship And Christian Encouragement

"Fellowship And Christian Encouragement (FACE) for Educators exists to encourage and pray for Educators and their schools. We are entering our tenth year of serving God by equipping Christian educators to start and sustain a prayer and encouragement group at their schools with our weekly devotionals and prayer support. We consider it an honor to have schools across the United States and around the world share their prayer requests with us so that we can lift them up to the throne of Almighty God.

We get letters from our members all year round thanking us for FACE. They are messages of God’s perfect timing, as a devotional was meant "Just for them at this time." We hear from teachers who were ready to hang up their chalk and find another job, but are now re-energized to continue in the "Mission field" of their classroom for another twenty years or longer. We also rejoice as we hear of God’s many answers to prayer, from healing to strength, peace to resolved problems, prayers extending from personal situations, health, tragedy, school violence, students, families, school issues and more; and God has heard their prayers and provided in a way that only Almighty God can.

It is our prayer that you will start a FACE group at your school. Yes, this is legal in public schools; you can meet whenever you are not on paid time to supervise students. Groups meet before and after school or during lunch - some schools have groups that meet at all different times throughout the week so every Educator who is interested can participate. You only need one other person to pray with to get started. We do not charge dues or fees of any kind. FACE is free to all Educators; we operate only on charitable donations from those who want to help encourage Educators. We hope that you will join the thousands of other Educators who are blessed with a Christian support group at their school to help them journey through the year."
... more
notMYkid logo
"At notMYkid, we inspire positive life choices by educating our community about the consequences of destructive youth behaviors. Young adults who have overcome life-controlling addictions and behaviors share their personal stories with middle and high school students. In an effort to promote our prevention message we educate adults on the same addictions and destructive behaviors. Our goal is to increase awareness of the challenges kids face, provide information and offer resources to support the success of students, families and educators.

All youth, families and communities have the skills and information necessary to make positive life choices

To empower youth to reach their full potential by inspiring positive life choices.

At notMYkid, the following values and principles guide our daily operations:
- Credibility..."
... more
AcademicInfo logo
"AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with a plethora of online degrees, online courses and distance learning information from a selection of online accredited schools. Our mission is to provide free, independent and accurate information and resources for prospective and current students (and other researchers).

Online Degree Programs
AcademicInfo offers the ability to search, browse and compare online degree programs from accredited online schools.

Learn about earning a degree through online education and the convenience, flexibility and other benefits of distance learning. Find online degrees by subject or level (e.g. associate degrees, bachelor degrees or master degrees). Request free information without obligation from regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities

Continue to our listings of online schools to discover more subjects and learn more about your online education options.

Online Education Resources
• Test Preparation (SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT & More)
• Accreditation (Introduction, FAQs, Agencies)
• Financial Aid (Introduction, FAQs, Resources)
• Education Blogs (E-Learning, Ed. Tech, Teaching)
• Online Education (Introduction, FAQs)
• Online Schools & Colleges (Programs and courses)"
... more
AAHE.org logo
"AAHE.org is an online resource for researching avenues in higher education, whether it's educational funding, continuing education, or researching advanced degrees such as an MBA or PhD.

In this type of economic climate, it's always wise to carve time out of your day to expand your educational landscape. By investing in higher education, you allow yourself the ability to broaden your skill set and expose yourself to additional job possibilities.

Educational funding & grants are always available to those interested in pursuing this type of path, but understand most types of educational loans are exepmt from personal defaults, so spend conservatively. Research our site to uncover online resources to expand your educational horizon, and most of all, have fun!

Higher education leads to better jobs and a more secure future. Whether your goal is to discover the cure for cancer, write the next great american novel or own the world's largest Rolex collection or collection of rare cars, it all starts with a proper education"

... more
AAC&U logoAAC&U logoAAC&U logo
The Association of American Colleges and Universities
"AAC&U is the leading national association concerned with the quality, vitality, and public standing of undergraduate liberal education. Its members are committed to extending the advantages of a liberal education to all students, regardless of academic specialization or intended career. Founded in 1915, AAC&U now comprises more than 1,200 member institutions—including accredited public and private colleges and universities of every type and size.

AAC&U organizes its work around five broad goals:
- A Guiding Vision for Liberal Education
- Inclusive Excellence
- Intentional and Integrative Learning
- Civic, Diversity, and Global Engagement
- Authentic Evidence

Through its publications, meetings, public advocacy, and programs, AAC&U provides a powerful voice for liberal education. AAC&U works to reinforce the commitment to liberal education at both the national and the local level and to help individual colleges and universities keep the quality of student learning at the core of their work as they evolve to meet new economic and social challenges. With a nearly one-hundred year history and national stature, AAC&U is an influential catalyst for educational improvement and reform."
... more
ASHE logo
The Association for the Study of Higher Education

"The Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) promotes collaboration among its members and others engaged in the study of higher education through research, conferences, and publications, including its highly regarded journal, The Review of Higher Education. ASHE is committed to diversity in its programs and membership, and has enjoyed extraordinary success in involving graduate students in Association activities."
... more
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