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Ethnic Musical Instruments.com.

was Started in 2003, with two musicians in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, USA.

This site is dedicated to bring you high quality ethnic musical instruments and accessories from around the world at low factory direct prices with 100% Customer Satisfaction.
"The World's Largest Selection of Ethnic Musical Instruments. Plus Books, DVDs, Music & Accessories.

Lark In The Morning is a musician's service founded in 1974 that specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials and now offers over 10,000 musical items from over 80 different world cultures!"


"Mid-East designs and creates handcrafted, historic, and ethnic instruments from rich cultures all around the world. Instruments such as the harp, sitar, bodhran, oud, doumbek, ukulele, and dulcimer are but a few of the instruments we make easily accessible to musicians and enthusiasts worldwide.... more
Renaissance Workshop Company logo
Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd
"The Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. (RWC) is the world's largest specialist manufacturer of historical instruments for early music, all based on existing originals or relevant iconography, meticulously researched and handmade in our own workshops by a small team of dedicated craftsmen who have many years experience.

The Renaissance Workshop Company is justly proud of its wide range of historically accurate musical instruments, covering mediaeval, renaissance and baroque periods, representing over 1000 years of European musical history and culture." ... more
"China Music Conservatory Enterprise (CMCE) was founded in year 2003 with its core business dealing with Chinese traditional musical instruments and accessories. Within a period of 1 year, CMCE has established a strong customer base in Singapore. With strong support from its customers, CMCE is currently diversifying its services into areas such as wholesale of music instruments, music teaching materials, examination for various musical instruments, musical scores and provision for after sales technical support.

A full fledge company with evident capabilities, CMCE has started importing high quality Chinese musical instruments from factories known for its workmanship, use of materials and tone material in China. In terms of qualities of instruments, CMCE will always be trusted and dependable." ... more
Chinese musical instruments logo
Guan Xia
"Datung International Stock sells professional quality Chinese musical instruments at reasonable prices, and the customers will get professional support from us. The instruments are made by famous traditional instruments makers in mainland China. Datung promotes Chinese traditional musical instruments through our website and help buyers, researchers, students to find right instruments, music sheets, finger charts, and give counsel on how to find right items for themselves. Datung have been serving the customers more than 18 years since 1992. Our customers are from professional musicians, the public schools, private music schools, cultural centers, museums, individual and more around world. Our customers including the Musical Instrument Museum, San Francisco School District, Minneapolis School District, SC School District, San Jose State University, UC Berkeley etc. (...)

An introduction to Chinese instruments is a good place for the visitors who are interested in learning Chinese culture through the musical instruments. We also offer free download finger charts and tuning charts for the music funs. It's easily to click the link to find right chart for you. Our friendly links are related information to our customers." ... more
WorldMusicalInstruments logo
Greek BouzoukiSitar, Mayuri Peacock, G Rosul Sitar, G Rosul Decorated with a Mayuri Peacock
"WorldMusicalInstruments.com Presenting over 1,000 musical instruments from around the world! Many popular and hard-to-find musical instruments are available for you to buy from this secure musical instruments web site. Our instruments are professional quality for the serious musician, such as Didgeridoos, Hunting Horns, Armenian Duduk, Child Drums, Gongs from China, Kids Percussion, and many others." ... more
Your World Instruments logo
Celtic BagpipesSitar
"If you are looking for an instrument to learn on, or if you are an accomplished player, Your World Instruments have a complete spectrum of musical instruments which range from beginner's up to high specifications ethnic instruments for the professional player. Here you can find the right instrument for yourself or for your loved ones. These musical tools add character to your home and will make you want to play." ... more
Piano Technicians Guild logo
>PTG logo
"The Piano Technicians Guild, the official organization of the Registered Piano Technician, is the world's premiere source of expertise in piano service and technology. Based in Kansas City, KS, the PTG has over 4100 members throughout the United States, Canada and around the world.

The mission of the Piano Technicians Guild is to promote the highest possible standards of piano service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

The Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) is a trade association with membership open to anyone with a professional or avocational interest in piano technology. However, the title of Registered Piano Technician must be earned by passing a series of rigorous examinations. PTG members who have not passed the RPT examinations may avail themselves of PTG's extensive educational offerings in preparation for their taking the RPT exams, and may advertise their PTG memberships." ... more
Piano Colmann logo
"Colmann France upright pianos, grand pianos and digital pianos have been on the market since 2004. First of all there were our first digital pianos, then our acoustic pianos (upright and grand pianos) arrived. In 2007 we are happy to introduce our patented product, the Laseroptik special optical piano microphone, for upright and grand pianos.

Our upright pianos are of remarkable quality and boast the best value for money on the market. Our grand pianos, from the CQ142N model to the CQ275N concert piano, benefit from top quality materials, our expertise and love of a job well done to ensure they truly earn their place in your conservatories, concert halls and homes. We can build custom-made models on request.

Since 2007, the Colmann France brand has established itself world-wide as a mark of quality, technological excellence and very competitive pricing. Feel free to get in contact to find out the location of your closest Colmann dealer and the outstanding prices on offer.

Colmann France and the American QRS, makers of advanced player piano systems, have joined force to develop tomorrow's range of player pianos. We have jointly created a new and revolutionary CD recording format for player pianos: the SPA Logic which will be available to the general public during 2010. At long last, the player piano is in everyone's reach!" ... more
Piano Bluthner logo
Piano Bluthner
"Piano making has a long tradition in the German province of Saxony, especially in Leipzig, where the citizens have always cared about musical culture. The St. Thomas choir has existed since the 12th century, the Gewandhaus orchestra was founded in the 17th century, as well as the Leipzig Opera, and Medelssohn-Bartholdy initiated a conservatory that soon became famous. One of the best known piano makers of that time was Breitkopf & Hartel, still known today as a prominent music publisher.

These were strong reasons for Julius Blüthner to start his piano making in Leipzig after having spent several years wandering from one piano maker to another to improve on his knowledge of the craft.

In November 1853 he began with three men, and his instruments found immediate acclaim among the musical bourgeoisie. Production grew quickly. Soon his premises had to be enlarged and in articles printed in newspapers and journals of these days Julius Blüthner talks with pride about new machines that were added to his production facilities or the fact that production was changed to steam-driven machinery.

Marketing in those days consisted of exhibiting instruments at fairs and exhibitions and participation in competitions determining the highest quality. Blüthner's first fair was in Merseburg, a town in the neighborhood of Leipzig, but soon he participated in many foreign competitions, where his instruments won the highest praise.

It was also essential to furnish instruments to the royal courts and Blüthner took great pride in being appointed as official supplier to the royal court of many European countries, among which were the German Kaiser, Queen Victoria, the Russian Tsar, the Danish King, the Turkish Sultan and of course the King of Saxony" ... more
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