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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Adventures Into The Unknown!

Treasure Hunting, Gold Prospecting, Metal Detecting and Exploration ... more
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"Gold Miners HQ

The site's contents at this time includes a 21 subject open forum to post information; manufacturers, mining suppliers, clubs, magazines, regulations, history, gold camps, etc.

The intent is to provide the web reader with more than just an "URL Library." Many sources are not on the www as yet and only can be reached by conventional means; addresses, phone, or fax. The information posted at this site is from donations sent in from miners to help other gold miners..."
Gold Gold
Gold GoldGold Gold
Gold Gold logo
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Original Sixteen to One Mine
"Established in 1896, the Sixteen to One Mine is a unique "pocket" mine where gold is found in highly concentrated deposits within the quartz vein. The mine has produced over 1 million ounces of gold and is famous for its quartz and gold gemstone sought by jewelers.

All mine tours begin at the Museum where you will be told the history of the Alleghany Mining District and the Sixteen to One Mine." ... more
Goldfield Ghost Town logo
"Situated atop a small hill between the Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield Mountains, the settlement of Goldfield got its start in 1892 when very rich, high grade gold ore was found in the area. A town soon sprang up and on October 7, 1893 it received its first official post office.

This “official” find, coupled with the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine, which had been circulating for years, led plenty of new miners to the area and in no time, the town boasted three saloons, a boarding house, a general store, brewery, blacksmith shop, butcher shop, and a school. For five years the town boomed until some 1,500 souls were residing in the burgeoning city.

But like other gold camps, Goldfield’s bustling days were quickly dashed when the vein of gold ore started to play out and the grade of the ore dropped even more. Just five years after it began, the town found itself quickly dying. The miners moved on, the post office was discontinued on November 2, 1898, and Goldfield became a ghost town.

However, some prospectors clung on to the area, sure to find the elusive Lost Dutchman Mine or perhaps, a brand new vein. Others tried to reopen the existing mines, but all attempts were unsuccessful until a man named George Young, who was the secretary of Arizona and the acting governor, arrived on the scene in the first decade of the 20th century. Young brought in new mining methods and equipment to recover the ore and the town began slowly come alive once more. Also built was a mill and a cyanide plant. A second post office was established on June 8, 1921 and the “new” town was called Youngsberg. However, the town’s “rebirth” would last only about as long as it did the first – just five years. Finally, the gold was gone, the post office was discontinued on October 30, 1926, and the town died once again." ... more
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(...) "Metal detecting for gold nuggets is referred to as "Nuggethunting" or "Nuggetshooting." Nuggethunting is a field of gold prospecting and mining, in which the hobbyist uses a metal detector to search for gold nuggets & deposits near the surface.

Since the recent technology advances in metal detectors and skyrocketing prices gold gold, electronic gold prospecting has become very popular within the last several years. The metal detector is a tool that can now be used effectively to find shallow free-milling gold pockets and pay streaks within both dry placer and hardrock gold districts.

Remember, the old-timers couldn't see the gold, so they used methods such as dry washing and screening to speed up their recovery process in the arid desert regions of the Southwest. Unfortunately their recovery was low due to faulty equipment design and operational errors. Therefore, today many of these areas have been left high and dry and are prime targets for today's electronic gold prospectors." ... more
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Gold Prospecting
"The Gold Prospecting website was created to provide helpful information on the history of Gold Prospecting so that beginning prospectors and interested consumers like you can make better informed decisions and save money if you decide to try your luck at gold prospecting.

Gold Prospecting Through the Ages
The first recorded serious gold mining efforts in the United States occurred over 200 years ago. Gold prospecting began in the east, mainly around the south Appalachian region at the end of the 1700s and the beginning of the 1800s. However, these rich deposits were exhausted pretty rapidly.

Gold was then discovered in the west area of the country, in Santa Fe County, New Mexico around 1828. A few year's later, James Marshall’s discovery of a gold nugget the size of a dime at Sutter’s Mill started gold fever! Sam Brannan was actually the man to announce that gold had been found in the American River. Most of the nuggets he recovered was through gold panning. With these discoveries, the California gold rush of the 49’ers began!

Although gold recovery is easier today because of modernized equipment, the same basic methods are still used by gold prospectors..." more
Gold Prospecting Adventures logo
Gold Prospecting Adventures
"Gold Prospecting Adventures, LLC has built a solid reputation throughout California's Gold Country as the best of the best.

Gold Prospecting Adventures is the leading professionals in gold prospecting and gold rush history. That's because Gold Prospecting Adventures have spent the last 25 years perfecting our techniques, improving our knowledge, and tailoring our programs to meet the needs of the thousands of guests who visit our camp each year.

The Gold Prospecting Adventures guides, dressed in period costume, receive special training to insure that every individual enjoys a remarkably genuine and comprehensive gold rush experience. No other gold prospecting company can stake that claim!" ... more
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"Originally begun as a paleontological tour company, Sahara Overland provides you with the unique opportunity to travel to the rich lands of Morocco and collect your own treasures. Morocco has a great variety of minerals and fossils to mine free of charge or purchase already prepared. Some of the minerals include quartz, aragonite, vanadinite, azurite, malachite and a large selection of agates.

If trilobites are your fancy, dig for bugs at many plentiful sites such as the well known Devonian Mt. Issimour, the Ordovician rock of Tiskaouine or the Cambrian site at Toghacht. Morocco has all of the species commonly seen in U.S. markets and many more. In Erfoud, there are dozens of rock shops filled with fossils from south Morocco, including dinosaur teeth from a famous nearby locality. Find ammonites and cephalopods in a region so rich you can actually pick them up off the ground as you walk along! A large variety of Jurassic and Cretaceous specimens..." more
Mineral Service logo
Mineral Service
"MINERALSERVICE is composed of a group of people who are fond of minerals.

MINERALSERVICE was created to let people know the Alto Novarese territory (now Verbania Province), which is rich of beautiful and rare minerals, and to organize some geo-mineralogic trekkings.

Our mission is to guide the rockhounder up to the research places (often very hard to be located) then to guarantee him the satisfaction of a personal discovery." ... more
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Arizona Gold Adventures logo
Arizona Gold Adventures
"AGA gives you a PRIVATE experience in Arizona gold- and meteorite strewn- fields! There are no “groups,” YOU are in charge. You tell us what you want to do, when you want to go and how long you want to stay that day! Private, personalized instruction and attention with the best placer gold mining equipment money can buy! That’s why Arizona Gold Adventures is the #1 provider of gold prospecting / meteorite hunting trips and vacations in Arizona!

Arizona Gold Adventures Prospecting Season starts in September and ends in June. Make Your Reservations Now!" ... more about Arizona Gold Adventures
Gold prospecting tours Australia logo
"Gold prospecting is new and exciting type of tourism. It is is offered by One World Travel. Our guides will drive you to absolute wilderness, where real gold can be found.

Prepare to experience extreme emotions, magic landscapes, talk to real gold diggers. With a bit of luck you will find gold that not only pay for your trip but potentially earn you a fortune!" ... more about "Gold prospecting tours Australia"
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