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Riva Yacht
The Riva Yacht story

"1842. Lake d’Iseo. A sudden storm wreaks what appears to be irreparable havoc: damaged boats, disheartened fishermen with no means with which to work. But a skilled young carpenter, newly arrived in the area from Laglio on Lake Como, accomplishes a miracle, managing to repair most of the boats, earning himself the esteem and admiration of the people of the town.

This is how the Riva story began - from a man who became the master of his own destiny.

The skilled carpenter was Pietro Riva, who had just arrived in Sarnico.

Pietro opened his shipyard here, where it all began. This is where the very first Riva creations were built, yachts like nobody had ever seen before. Riva quickly became a well-known, highly esteemed company and the shipyard’s work continued to prosper under the management of Ernesto Riva, who succeeded his father. Ernesto introduced technical innovations which raised the quality of what was still artisan production..."

More about the Riva Yacht story.
Princess 95MYThe Princess name has become synonymous with all that is finest in motor yacht design.

Since 1965, Princess has grown on the foundations of our original core values; dedication to quality, strength and integrity in both design and build.

Based in some of the world's most modern, vertically integrated boat-building facilities, incorporating over 1,000,000ft2 (94,000m2) of climate controlled factory space, every Princess craft is the result of a rigorous and uncompromising approach to every detail of her design and manufacture.

The combined experience of our highly skilled workforce has created Princess' lasting association with timeless, elegant design and impeccable build quality, blending cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to set new standards in performance, seakeeping, comfort and safety.

The result is the definitive motor yacht experience.

Clean uncluttered lines and a muscular, deep V hull give a Princess an undeniable presence... Learn more
Delta Marine logo
Gran Final Gran Final Sinbad
The Beechcraft Premier IA Exterior
Majesty Yacht
Azzura Yachts logo
MY 70MCambria II
"Azzura Yachts is distinguished as one of the world’s finest custom yacht brands. Dedicated to the construction of unique motor and sail yachts up to 74m, each vessel it builds to its clients required specification. Recognised for delivering distinct yachts to a discerning clientele, Azzura Yachts works in collaboration with world class designers to turn your vision into reality. As recipient of an International Superyacht Society Design Award, the eminence of Azzura Yachts was reinforced as being synonymous with quality construction, fine craftsmanship and superior service.

Founded by prominent sailor and businessman, Iain Murray AM, Azzura Yachts is a brand of Azzura Marine" ... Learn more about Azzura Yachts.
Grand Banks
Grand BanksGrand Banks
Kha Shing Entreprise

Kha Shing Monte Fino 110

Blohm + Voss Shipyards logo
Blohm + Voss Shipyards
Blohm + Voss Shipyards

"Blohm + Voss Shipyards is a company within the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. As management holding company, Hamburg-based ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems parents the new shipyard group, bundling staff and service functions which are furnished to the various companies.

A large yacht remains one of the few, ultimate symbols and statements of success. Its period of usage has lengthened. Our yachts have become more viable and increasingly versatile due to for example, virtually unlimited communication technologies, on board aircraft, longer ranges, greater efficiency, reduced on-board staff numbers – and last but not least – comfort, style and furnishings fulfilling every wish.

Every large yacht is something totally unique. There is and will only be one. It is work of fine art – and is a prime example of engineering excellence – a discipline in which our fellow countrymen excel. Our yards are located with reason on north European coasts where the hinterland is rich with the industries, craftsmen, artists and artisans supplying the myriad of components required. " more
Azimut Yachts
Azimut Yachts Discover the exclusive world of Azimut:

Luxury motor yachts of unmatched design, comfort and style... Clic here
Pearl Motor Yachts logo
Pearl 60 ExteriorPearl 60 Classic Interior
The Pearl name has become synonymous with luxurious comfort and exhilarating performance. Interior designers and skilled craftsmen combine the finest materials and the most intelligent features to create a hand-crafted yacht of the very finest quality. It is this unique synergy that has earned Pearl an enviable reputation as a first class builder of a range of multi-stateroom luxury motor yachts... Learn more
Meridian Yachts logo
Meridian 459 ExteriorMeridian 459 Interior
Established in 2002, Meridian Yachts has quickly become North America's leading builder of bridge boats. Meridian Yachts designs its vessels to deliver livability, cruisability and maneuverability at an exceptional value to customers. Models are available in Sedan, Aft Cabin Motoryacht and Pilothouse configurations, ranging from 34 through 60 feet in length... Learn more
Fleming Yachts logo
Fleming 75 ExteriorFleming 75 Interior
From the beginning, Tony Fleming's objective was to build the ultimate cruising/live-aboard yacht capable of being handled by a couple and with comfortable accommodations for occasional guests. Unlike the fashionable trend towards sleek, Euro-styled boats that are often impractical for cruising in the real world, Fleming designed a classic, low profile motor yacht with a true pilothouse configuration that will never go out of style... Learn more
Sunseeker Yachts logo
Sunseeker 37 metre YachtsSunseeker 80 Yacht The spirit of Sunseeker is the pursuit of excellence, matched with the courage to constantly break new barriers... Learn more
M2 Motor Yachts logo
M2 60 in runM2 60 interiorM2 60 interior
In a world where weather systems travel at 15 knots, and most other 60 foot vessels lumber at 12 to 24 knots struggling to stay out of harm’s way, this 60 does over 40 knots to out-power the nastiest of weather conditions. The yacht is the new M2-60 which has been designed and built from the bottom up, by M2Motoryachts, to exert pressure on previously existing performance (and styling) barriers

It succeeds by pioneering the marine use of today’s most sophisticated and lightweight materials. For example: its carbon epoxy advanced composite chemistry offers up twice the strength at half the weight of predecessor techniques. Advanced marine design and development has put this boat at the cutting edge of prestige yachting. And it has apparently produced one of the best designed, best built, best running deep sea motor yachts on the water. Consider that, on a typical trip, it is 20 to 60% more... Learn more
Paragon Motor Yachts logo
Paragon Motor Yachts
Company President and founder, Scott Robinson, spent over 25 years as a seasoned high-end yacht Captain with a passion for excellence. During those years he customized, delivered and maintained his customer’s yachts making them their pride and joy. It was working one on one with his clients in conjunction with the experience of countless hours at sea that led to a clear understanding of how a yacht should really be designed and built to provide years of enjoyment for all who step on board. With his clients requesting larger yachts, and having such high expectations, Robinson set out to design and develop a true yachtsman’s yacht in every sense of the word. Shaped by a passion for uncompromising quality and ideals, he began to fantasize, construct, and ultimately realize his dream, the Paragon... Learn more
Hatteras Motor Yachts logo
Hatteras 100 Motor Yachts
Hatteras has gone to incredible lengths to offer owners the ultimate cruising experience in our 100 Motor Yacht. Crafted for those who know what they want - and expect to get it - the 100 comes in two distinct versions: the Motor Yacht with extra crew accommodations and an owner's office, or the Cockpit Motor Yacht with an aft cockpit designed for fishing. But that's just the start of the custom arrangements available. Owners can change the galley layout, the berthing options, the flooring in the heads, even the china patterns. Usable space is unprecedented, from the showroom-style salon to the massive flybridge and everywhere in between. Plus, owners have the confidence of knowing that the 100 Motor Yacht is built to our exacting standards. Contact an authorized dealer to hear about the renowned strength and performance of this model, as well as the rest of our world-famous fleet... Learn more
Carver Yachts logo
Carver Motor Yachts
Every Carver Yacht is crafted with the confidence that comes from more than 50 years of quality boat-building expertise. We continue to raise both structural standards and customer expectations through our cutting-edge technology and with generations of handcrafted skills that put our manufacturing in a class by itself... Learn more
ACTIVA Motor Yachts logo
Activa 5300
ACTIVA Motor Yachts PTY LTD. was founded out of a desire by our dealer/principal, Kevin Sulzberger, to produce the finest cruising yachts possible at a reasonable investment level. Kevin wanted a vessel that was safe, attractive, luxurious, comfortable, and easily maintained. He required a level of luxury and finish that would rival the output of Australian, New Zealand, European and North American production yards. He was also determined to add the ACTIVA Difference...a common sense attitude to life on the water... large entertaining size flybridge not just a helm station with confined space....wide stairs instead of ladders…wide companionways instead of tiny unprotected ledges… and more. ACTIVA Motor Yachts and our company reflect this continuing passion... Learn more
Northern Marine Co. LLC logo
Northern Marine Co. LLC
Our trawler-style expedition yachts are the opulent descendants of seagoing commercial fishing vessels. We've improved upon the rugged and long range cruising heritage of those ships by outfitting ours with the latest maritime technology and a reinforced hull built from resin-infused fiberglass. The interiors feature all the hallmarks of a Northern Marine vessel; rare woods, choice granites and rich fabrics combine to give our expedition yachts a level of luxury that makes long range cruising an elegant and pampered adventure. .. Learn more
CMN Motor Yachts logo
Slipstream, CMN Motor YachtsNetanya 8, CMN Motor Yachts
CMN – Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie – is a French shipyard located at Cherbourg which employs approximately four hundred skilled workers covering the various specialities required for the construction of luxury yachts or navy ships. Since the foundation of CMN in 1945, over 350 vessels in wood, aluminium, steel and advanced composite materials have been delivered... Learn more
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