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Teachers Network logo
Teachers Network image
"Teachers Network, a non-profit organization—by teachers, for teachers—with a 3-decade long track record of success, was dedicated to improving student learning in public schools nationally and internationally.

Teachers Network was unique in its focus on professional development as the key to improving student achievement.

Using the power of an award-winning web site, videos, and print resources, Teachers Network leveraged the creativity and expertise of a national and international community of outstanding educators to transform public schools into creative learning communities.

Over the years, Teachers Network directly impacted over 1.5 million teachers and nearly 40 million students." ... more
WyzAnt logo
Image WyzAnt"WyzAnt helps students connect with tutors for private lessons. WyzAnt.com is the best tutoring marketplace on the web with tutors offering lessons in a variety of disciplines including math, science, test preparation, foreign languages, musical instruments and computers. Students and parents use our website to find and contact qualified tutors. Once lessons begin, we support customers by helping with communication, quality control, payment, and security.

Cofounders Andrew Geant and Michael Weishuhn started WyzAnt in 2005 after realizing that there wasn't an effective online marketplace for tutoring. Since day one, we've worked to improve the efficiency of the tutor matching process while facilitating affordable, high-quality tutoring. With these goals in mind, we provide not only a full-featured website but also the highest possible level of personalized customer support."

"We value education and we're thrilled to have helped millions of people connect for private lessons!" ... more
Calvert School logo
"The Calvert homeschool curriculum is the fundamental platform that supports homeschooling and serves as the educational foundation your child will build on for life. For over one hundred years, Calvert School has helped families guide their children toward excellence and achievement through an integrated, classical homeschool curriculum developed by our expert Curriculum staff and proven in the Calvert Day School.

The Calvert Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade homeschool curriculum is built on a rich foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic. That foundation is then layered with history, science, music, geography, and the arts to ensure no gaps in instruction. Our Homeschool Curriculum Development Specialists, all former classroom teachers, work on your behalf to find the finest curriculum material for your child. We research major textbook offerings from major educational publishers to find material that is most effective for homeschooling parents. If we do not find material that meets our high standards, we develop our own.

Each course combines the best classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals, and proven educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum that guides you through each day of homeschooling with easy-to-use lesson plans." ... more
Crown Tutoring logo
Grade A Tutoring Services, LLC
Grade A Tutoring is committed to helping students of all ages reach their goals and achieve their personal best.

Grade A offers affordable tutoring for those who want to catch up, get ahead, or stay on task with current studies. Grade A Tutoring can help you succeed in any subject from elementary to college level. He can also help prepare you for school assessment tests, entrance exams and more.

"Each student is unique so we treat them that way. Our individualized approach with every student aids development in skills, habits and attitudes necessary for lifelong academic success.
We don’t just teach to the test.
We make sure our students understand the meaning behind concepts and personalize our sessions based on multiple intelligences and the students learning style."

... more
TutorNation logo
Kaplan Test Prep Image"TutorNation.com is the leading provider of comprehensive one-to-one and in-person tutoring referral services. Since our inception in 1999, we have connected tens of thousands of learners of all ages with qualified tutors, teachers, and trainers, across North America. We’ve done this for hundreds of academic and non-academic subjects and activities.

TutorNation.com is the “yellow pages” for your tutoring and training needs. We have gathered tutors, trainers, and instructors for most subjects, all under one roof. For example, if you are a student, a parent or someone looking for a tutor in high school Algebra, a fitness trainer, a piano or guitar instructor, a Spanish tutor, a computer instructor, or a dance instructor, you will be able to find one in your neighborhood. Regardless of where you live, you will be able to find the right individual or business to match your tutoring needs.
" ... more
Club Z! logo
As the world’s largest and fastest growing one-on-one in-home tutoring service, Club Z! could easily rest on the strength of our excellent 15-year reputation. Instead, we are constantly striving to reach and help more students. We believe that tutoring is best done in the privacy of your own home, where your student can receive individual attention in an environment in which they feel safe and secure.

Educational research overwhelmingly points toward the importance of one-on-one tutor to student instruction. We aim to bring students up to grade level and beyond, as our tutors, all pre-screened and highly-qualified, provide individual assistance in any academic subject."
Club Z!
Varsity Tutors"Our leadership and management work tirelessly to connect students and parents to the best private tutors."

"Our mission is to improve the academic achievement of all students by providing elite, individualized tutoring services that foster intellectual and personal development in a positive learning atmosphere."

How do we achieve this goal?

"Varsity Tutors is committed to working closely with students and their families to provide elite, one-on-one tutoring instruction that helps students achieve their academic goals. Our experienced directors begin by assessing every student’s needs, selecting a tutor that is the best fit for each individual student, and monitoring students’ progress over time. Our elite group of tutors brings a wealth of experience in their individual fields of academic expertise to their students. They individualize students’ lessons and present materials and concepts in engaging, easy-to-understand ways that keep students motivated and on the road to success." ... more
The Academic Advantage logoThe Academic Advantage image
The Academic Advantage image"The Academic Advantage was created with one simple objective: To offer highly effective one-on-one instruction in the convenience of your own home, focusing on academic improvement and building confidence. Since 2000, we offer a powerful tutoring program comprised of highly educated instructors who cultivate academic minds through the power of one-on-one interaction with the students. With this in mind, The Academic Advantage has become one of the nation’s most respected in-home tutoring programs, serving tens of thousands of students in the process.

Our Method: Personalized One-on-One Tutoring Program

Overwhelming research supports the benefits of one-on-one tutoring in improving students' grades, study skills, and confidence. Tutoring has demonstrated itself effective for short-term review and test preparation. It has also proved invaluable for instilling the student's confidence and promoting long-term academic success. Teachers, students and parents have all recognized the force of emphasizing classroom concepts in a private, one-on-one environment.

One-on-one instruction has been the cornerstone of our program and the key to its success--or, more importantly, the success of our students. Every tutorial is tailored to fit each student's particular needs and learning abilities. By pinpointing the personal needs of every student, our tutors are able to provide the most effective instruction available." ... more
Teacher care logoTeacher care
Teacher care TeacherCare - An alternative to a nanny, daycare or preschool: for your child's future. TeacherCare is an early childhood agency that places private teachers with families seeking childcare and enrichment in their home.

Our teachers enrich children from infancy through schoolage, while caring for the children's daily needs. As parents and educators, we are passionate about providing the highest quality of childcare and learning available.

We know a loving teacher in your home uniquely nurtures your child's emotional security and development... more
First Tutors logo
First Tutors Image"First Tutors - the international tutoring service

First Tutors is an international private tuition service. Private tuition and home tuition is a high growth market in many countries and many parents are choosing home tutors to give their children the best possible start in life. We allow students / parents to choose a home tutor for all popular subjects at many levels and begin private tuition at their home or the tutor's. We showcase both home tutors and private tutors who teach from their own home. To learn more about our home tutoring services please visit the site for your country:

Home Tuition? Can tutoring help me?

Parents may select a home tutor for tuition to help a child catch up, to study a new subject outside school, to challenge a child or to give more attention than is possible in a classroom. A tutor offering home tuition is directly matched to your needs. Tutoring can improve school performance, increase confidence, enhance enjoyment or motivation in a topic and build solid study skills and discipline that will help in all aspects of life. A home tutor can also offer adult learning which so don't think that private tuition is just for children!

Private Tutors: Advertise your tutoring services

If you are a private tutor or home tutor you can join our tutoring database for free and begin advertising your private tuition services in your local area straight away. This allows a tutor to list their qualifications and tutoring experience and specify where and when they wish to tutor. Our service is an open market, so a tutee / parent can choose home tutors and private tutors on the strength of their tuition experience outlined in their tutor profiles and contact them directly online (securely) before starting any private tuition sessions. Visit our tutoring section in your country to learn more about our approach to private tuition and how we can help you promote your tutor profile." ... more
Plus Plus Tutoring logo
Find a Tutor!
"Plus Plus Tutoring offers professional and private tutors so that your child gets the help needed for tests, courses, time management, or homework. We offer the best value amongst experienced tutoring services nationwide, with tutors available across the United States at great prices. If you are looking for a private tutoring service for your child—or children—you have come to the right place.

Become a Tutor!
Have you ever thought about becoming a tutor and teaching young people how to succeed in academic life? How about passing along your wealth of information, study skills, and time management knowledge to the next generation of students! We offer an opportunity for you to invest in the future by becoming an expert tutor in a variety of subjects, and will match you with the right students for your skills." ... more
Awesome Tutors.com
Awesome Tutors.com"Awesome Tutors provide to-your-door home tutoring to students in several cities for a multitude of subjects, with the most popular being reading literacy for children and math proficiency in algebra through calculus.

Awesome tutors can provide a variety of services including: tutoring, assessments, evaluation, mentoring, homework help, study skills, organization, and test preparation.

Our online system is completely transparent and allows you to browse through tutor profiles, request services from local prescreened tutors, and manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Best of all, for quality assurance we do background checks and personally interview all our tutors before representing their services." ... more
All American Super Tutors logo
Awesome Tutors.com "All American Super Tutors began in 1989. Originally only a college tutoring service, we now tutor all ages and provide tutors in all 50 states. Our tutors are talented, dedicated, reliable, and eager to help. Our tutors do not all have degrees yet because we look for experience first, licenses and degrees second. Students should have a choice. You do not need to spend a lot of money on tutoring when there are talented undergraduate and graduate tutors available for much less. Most of our tutors attend the same local colleges and universities as you; so we provide a tutoring service specific to your actual college class. Our tutors are also great role models, especially for K-12 students or students looking to get into college.

Our motto is:

We know your teachers, teach the classes, wrote the papers, & saved our tests.

In addition to tutoring, we provide complete study skills and memory training. Using our own assessments, we diagnose any academic problem area, including test anxiety, comprehension, memory, and study skills. We even assess nutritional/fitness issues which may compromise your success in school. We not only train your mind, we teach you to eat right and exercise to do better in school and in life. Getting good grades requires a healthy mind and a healthy body, as well as a positive attitude. The Super Student Package provides all of this and it is an essential part of the guaranteed A or B program." ... more
Tutor Bungalow logo
Tutor Bungalow Image more
Skylyn Learning logo
InnovativeLearning"Skylyn Learning is dedicated to providing the finest quality of education to your child by offering individually customized and private tutoring programs. Lessons are delivered at the comfort your home by our qualified and professional Ontario teachers. Although founded on elementary education, today we continue to ignite and maintain academic achievement for students in the childhood, elementary and high school levels. One-on-one tutoring with a skilled and passionate teacher can ignite a cycle of academic achievements and confidence that will stay with your child for a life-time, providing you with a peace of mind for a brighter future.

In-home tutoring combines the skills, knowledge, and experience of OCT Qualified teachers with the comfort of your home. Regular schooling can be a challenging learning experience for kids, as many distractions act as barriers that hinder a child’s ability to learn. Your child may feel discouraged in light of other classmates, especially if your child is struggling while other peers are learning with less difficulty. In turn, the inevitable results are developing low self-esteem coupled with lack of confidence which will form a negative attitude towards school and education; losing interest in learning altogether. This disinterest then translates into other aspects of life; where your child will undermine the potential they possess in order to succeed.

A Skylyn tutor will bridge the gap between school and home, providing the right support and motivation to overcome the challenges that children are facing in their regular classrooms. Your child will develop a natural attraction towards education and academic success, which will only help your child get back to par, and gain a competitive edge in school." ... more
Tutors International logo
Private full-time tutors for a select clientele

"Tutors International is a small private company based in Oxford, a city renowned for academic excellence. Our select clientele receive a personal service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed."

Wide experience with prestigious families

"Our Director is Adam Caller, who has wide experience with students of all ages, from six to sixty. Adam began teaching in 1987 while still an undergraduate at Glasgow University. He received his teaching qualification from the University of York in 1991. He taught in the private sector for many years and was a tutor to prestigious families in France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, California and England."

Specialist training in dyslexia and ADD

"Adam has received specialist training in dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder and is very sensitive to children’s educational needs, offering many avenues of help. His ability to establish easy rapport with both children and parents has proved to be an enormous asset." ... more
The Top Tutoring Inc banner
The Top Tutoring Inc logo
The Top Tutoring Inc image"The primary mission of our company is simple: To help students rise to the top by offering professional, affordable, and convenient one-on-one tutoring services. Our tutors work tirelessly to achieve this mission while simultaneously receiving a unique and rewarding opportunity to improve student's grades and, more importantly, their confidence.

I believe that the above mission is unique to our company. Traditional tutoring centers are not affordable or convenient and tutors work with multiple students. The quality and professionalism of solo tutors can be tough to determine and the financial and contract issues you will encounter are an administrative hurdle. To The Top Tutoring is the solution you have been searching for: 1) Our tutors are qualified and thoroughly screened, 2) Our rates are highly competitive, 3) We will meet you when and where you desire, and 4) Our lessons are tailored to the student in one-on-one sessions.

To The Top Tutoring exists to help students. Our passion for student success drives everything we do. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about our company and/or services. All phone calls and e-mails are welcome and will be answered promptly. I have included my e-mail address in the event there are questions you would like me to personally answer. Again, thank you for your interest - we look forward to serving you." ... more
"Stepping Stone Tutors is the leading provider of one-on-one in-home tutoring services. Our tutors have helped thousands of students improve test scores, keep pace with their classmates, improve grades and learn new skills since 2004.

Our tutors offer flexible scheduling and are available to come to your home, office, or nearby library depending on your preference. Tutoring is available to students of all ages and a variety of subjects including English, math, science, languages and test-prep." ... more
My Tutor and Me Banner
image, My Tutor and Meimage, My Tutor and Me"My Tutor and Me offers the highest quality, individualized in-home tutoring to supplement and support classroom learning.

In addition to math and reading tutoring, we provide tutoring services for all subject areas for K-Graduate to Pre-Kindergarten through Graduate school, plus children with special needs.

We provide positive learning experiences, while improving the critical skills necessary for academic success.
Tutors who Inspire
A strong rapport between tutor and student is essential. Our state-certified and professional teachers are carefully selected from among the brightest in their fields ... including highly qualified reading specialists and special education teachers. They are caring, supportive people who instill confidence and motivate students to excel in the classroom.

Aim High
Learning is a life-long experience. Does your child need more challenge?
My Tutor and Me offers stimulating Enrichment Programs in all academic studies to pave the way for continuous self improvement.

Test Preparation
Life is competitive. Let our professional instructors help prepare your child for critical classroom exams and standardized tests, reducing anxiety and improving success. Customized Test Preparation and College Support Services available!" ... more
Private Home Tutoring Services logo
Private Home Tutoring image"Private Home Tutoring that Makes an Impact…

Our master teachers know how to instill the confidence and cement the habits needed to turn poor performance into achievements your student (and you) will be proud of! Private home tutoring often leads to a full-letter-grade improvement. We help students overcome self-defeating thinking and give them the skills to improve performance. In addition, home tutoring your student will help her or him excel in the classroom, and prepare for college, too.

Our private tutoring schedules are flexible, so we can work with you to accommodate the best time and place to meet with your child. Don't wait! Call now to help your child feel the satisfaction of improved academic performance through using our private home tutoring services offered in the Queens and Nassau areas!Private Home Tutoring image

Academic Tutoring
Individual private tutoring in your home at the pace at which your child can most effectively learn…

Test Preparation
Private tutors teach test-taking skills and thought-process strategies that will help your child achieve higher scores" ... more
Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre
Image, Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre"At Grade A Tutoring and Learning Centre, we recognize that all families and students are not the same. This is why we have created programmes designed to fit each person's needs as well as budget. So whether you prefer the convenience of in home tutoring or studying in a class, at Grade A u can find a programme that is right for you.

My Personal Tutor Service
This is the name given to Individual Tutoring done by Grade A. It is ideal for clients who are more comfortable working in the comfort of their own homes and desire individual attention. With this programme, both client and Tutor collaborate to create a plan designed to suit Client's needs.

Benefits of the My Personal Tutor Service
- Individual Attention
- Programmes designed to suit your learning styles
- Monthly progress reports
- Ability to ask questions freely
- Flexibility in scheduling
- 24/7 Student Support
- Online Notes" ... more
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine logo
Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

"The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, started out as an eBay business and is now a global homeschooling company offering homeschoolers a variety of resources and encouragement, as well as ways to learn about the latest and greatest educational resources out there. It is our desire that TOS will be a blessing to you as we seek to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come check out all that TOS wants to share with you, and meet some of our caring and hardworking staff members.

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC is the premier, monthly homeschooling magazine, worldwide! Packed full (over 150 pages per month) of encouraging and informative content, TOS brings you the biggest names in homeschooling all in one place. Columnists such as Diana Waring, Karen Andreola, Jessica Hulcy, Dr. Brian Ray, Dr. Mary Hood, Deborah Wuehler, Kate Kessler, Andrew Pudewa, Leigh Bortins, Rea Berg, Mark Hamby, Zan Tyler and several others come to bless and help uplift your homeschooling experience each month."
... more
Home Tutoring Business logo
Home Tutoring Business
"The demand for private in-home tutoring services is actually on the rise as class sizes get larger and the budget for teachers gets smaller. Many school districts throughout the country are combining resources and closing schools to save money. One of the few industries that are not affected by a struggling economy and rising gas prices is the supplemental educational services industry.

Providing private, one-on-one in-home tutoring to students in your community is an excellent home-based business which does not require you to be a teacher or educator. Your role is one of an administrator and business owner. You contract with qualified teachers, tutors and educators and match them with students, in grades K-12, all subjects in need of a private tutor.

In essence, you are a tutor broker, similar to a real estate or mortgage broker. Your home-based business will take care of interviewing tutors, advertising for students and making the perfect “match.”

Home Tutoring Business gives you not only the business plan, but many other essential ingredients to help you stand far above the competition. Unlike a franchise, not only is the price significantly lower, but you never pay any monthly royalty fees, there are no geographical limits and you will learn a stellar marketing strategy; utilizing Social Networking to inform, engage, educate and position yourself as an expert in the field of supplemental educational services. Take a few minutes and view our site to see how you can obtain the competitive advantage.

All you need is the desire to succeed and the right tools. If you have the desire, we can provide you the tools! If you want to start a business in the educational industry, you have come to the right place."
... more
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