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American Heritage Alliance
"Mission Statement of The American Heritage Alliance Inc."
American Heritage Alliance American Heritage Alliance "Our Mission is the return of our Great Nation to the principles, values, and commandments given by our Lord Jesus Christ and a recommitment to those very Values and Principles on which our Nation was dedicated and founded and to its original Vision and Heritage. This Great Mission and Vision begins first in your home, your church, your community; and by that commitment, then Our Nation."
"Vision of The American Heritage Alliance Inc."
"First, To serve Almighty God and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in obeying His mandates of Love, Mercy, Faithfulness, Compassion, Justice, and Truth.

Then, to recognize, understand, communicate to and with other Christians who feel our nation has wandered from the commandments, precepts and principles on which our Great Nation was founded and blessed by Almighty God as no nation in history of the world has been blessed.

The American Heritage Alliance shall endeavor to encourage, coordinate and unify the effectiveness of these voices, these concerns, these goals, and this honorable commitment to the return of the principles and values on which this great nation was envisioned and founded.

Understanding that there are many organizations, ministries and individual Christians already committed to this goal, we shall seek to facilitate the inclusion, expansion and activation of the "spirit of this unified voice."

This vision will be achieved through our daily prayer and recommitment to the principles through the educating of the Christian body as to our national heritage, our sacred responsibilities as citizens, and the processes by which we will, once again, effectively guide our nation back to these values. In order to accomplish this goal we must fully pledge ourselves to the knowledge of and the exercising of our lawful rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities as Christians and citizens of this Great Nation, the United States of America.
We must be patient but steadfast!
Is God not able?" ... more
Memoria Press logo
Memoria Press "Cheryl Lowe is a Louisville, Kentucky native whose books and essays on Latin instruction have garnered a national reputation for excellence within the classical education renaissance. Yet, her own education was grounded in math and science: a B.S. in chemistry, M.S. in Biology, and minors in mathematics and history. It is an unlikely background for a classical education innovator.

The arrival of her sons shifted Cheryl's interests to elementary education. She began to absorb a vast body of literature on the history of education, a practice that continues to this day.

Aware of the troubled state of reading instruction, she taught both boys to read before they started school, but a strong preschool foundation was not enough to weather the faulty classroom practices and badly-written materials which the boys encountered in their highly-touted public and private elementary schools. She homeschooled them for two middle school years, making academic "course corrections" which enabled both to become National Merit Scholars at St. Xavier, a highly-regarded private boys school in Louisville.

Cheryl's research into the history of education alerted her to the critical role which Latin grammar can play in forming the intellect, so she incorporated Latin into her sons' homeschooling. She taught herself at the same time, always managing to stay a few paces ahead, and that self-education continued after her sons had returned to the classroom.

Cheryl began offering classes of her own to the growing local community of homeschoolers. Teaching Latin one day a week in a leased room at a Highlands church to grades 3 and up, the results were striking, especially in children who started early.

In the process of teaching classes in classical subjects, she began to compile her teaching materials into a course that could enable families and schools to begin Latin study at an earlier age. That course became Latina Christiana. When she first put the program under cover (many homeschool mothers still remember the primitive blue covers that used to house the course contents), it was made available to a few homeschool mothers. It didn’t take long, however, before it was selling over a thousand copies a year—solely through word of mouth.

Cheryl's publishing company, Memoria Press, now ships tens of thousands of copies of the popular program worldwide. Latina Christiana, which was originally designed to enable homeschool mothers with little or no experience in Latin to teach it to their children, has now become popular with elementary Latin teachers, and is a staple in many private schools across the country." ... more
the Principle Approach
Face "The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) serves the mission of publishing and teaching America’s Christian history and method of education by Biblical principles to restore Christian character and self-government to the individual, the family, the church and the nation. FACE offers the Principle Approach in the Noah Plan Curriculum and the ‘red books’ that compile the Christian history of the United States Constitution.

The Principle Approach method of education is the manner of consistent and ordered teaching and learning that produces Christian character and self-government, Christian scholarship and Biblical reasoning for lifelong learning and discipleship." ... more
An Old-Fashioned EducationAn Old-Fashioned Education
An Old-Fashioned Education"Homeschooling can cost a fortune if we're not careful. A textbook plus the answer manual, teacher's manual and test booklet can easily run over $200! And that's just for one grade level and one subject. Good grief! Do they think we're all growing money-trees in the back yard? I live in a single income household and there is no way on God's Green Earth that I can afford to spend as much on homeschool supplies as I'd like to. Since buying whatever strikes my fancy is not an option I have decided to seek out as many free on-line resources as I can find. There are literally thousands from which to choose. Since there's no way I can use everything available I have chosen to focus mainly on texts in the public domain with minor reference to a few other significantly useful sites.

Public domain works include those that were published before 1923. They are now copyright free. This means that the public may download, print, copy and reproduce these texts in any way they please. For instance, these books can be printed out and used in a small new homeschool that is low on cash but high in creativity. Eureka! A solution presents itself.

I prefer to teach with a balanced combination of textbooks and so-called living-books. The term living-books was coined by the great educator Charlotte Mason (to download, right-click, then Save Target As). It refers to books that are fun and interesting to read, books that draw the reader into the plot and educate while entertaining. I learned this at a wonderful site called Ambleside Online. They have a high quality, free curriculum that follows Charlotte Mason's principles of education, essentially producing a thorough and well-rounded liberal arts course of study. This curriculum is built largely, but not completely, on public domain texts. I considered using Ambleside Online exclusively, but soon realized that it isn't structured enough for my boys, who came out of a public school setting.

So instead, I went in search of educational resources that would allow me to customize a program that would suit the needs of my children and still accomodate my pocketbook." ... more
Schola Classical Tutorials
"Schola Classical Tutorials offers live group tutorials over the internet in the subjects of a classical Christian liberal arts curriculum: the classical languages, the great books of literature and history, and rhetoric. These are the subjects that teach students the skills of thinking and learning, the history of the ideas that have shaped our culture, and the taste for wisdom, beauty, and virtue. These skills, and a knowledge of these ideas, are the foundation for further study and for a lifetime of learning and intelligent participation in our culture.

Schola's tutorials are offered for students who are willing to devote themselves to a course of serious liberal arts study before they enter college or the world of employment and family. Schola's tutorials provide guidance for the self-motivated student who understands that the real work of learning takes place in his own study time with a book, a pencil, and an active mind. Participants in Schola's tutorials, both teacher and pupil, constitute a body of followers of classical education..." more
Accelerated Christian Education
Accelerated Christian Education
"From its beginning, Accelerated Christian Education® has maintained high Biblical and academic standards and remained committed to setting children on a path for success. The goal is the same today: to prepare children for the world today and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential.

Accelerated Christian Education's concepts are based on the following Five Basic Laws of Learning:
1. A child must be at a level where he can perform.
2. He must have reasonable goals.
3. His learning must be controlled, and he must be motivated.
4. His learning must be measurable.
5. His learning must be rewarded.

Based on these principles, the A.C.E. curriculum assures parents of:
• A solid, mastery-based, back-to-basics education for their child.
• A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a student's specific learning needs and capabilities.
• A program incorporating Scripture, Godly character building, and wisdom principles.
• A curriculum using advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today's high-tech climate." ... more
The Christian Post logo
"ChristianPost.com is the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in July 2000 with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines.

As the flagship website of The Christian Post, ChristianPost.com has quickly grown to become a leading online Christian news publication, with continuous updates throughout the day - seven days a week.

Through the website, The Christian Post presents national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Christian leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public.

As a pan-denominational Christian media source, The Christian Post views all Christ-centered denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation.

The Christian Post is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a global partner of the World Evangelical Alliance." ... more
NCCCUSA banner
Image NCCCUSA"The National Council of Churches is a community of Christian communions, which, in response to the gospel as revealed in the Scriptures, confess Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God, as Savior and Lord.

These communions covenant with one another to manifest ever more fully the unity of the Church.

Relying upon the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, the communions come together as the Council in common mission, serving in all creation to the glory of God."

--from the Preamble to the NCC Constitution

This general statement is accepted by all of the NCC's member communions (also called churches, conventions and denominations), which as Christian bodies hold these and many other beliefs in common. Each of the member communions also has a unique heritage, including teachings and practices that differ from those of other members.

As they gather in the Council, the member communions grow in understanding of each other's traditions. They work to identify and fully claim those areas of belief they hold in common; they celebrate the diverse and unique gifts that each church brings to ecumenical life; and together they study those issues that divide the churches. And they cooperate in many joint programs of education, advocacy and service that address critically important needs and that witness to our common faith in Jesus Christ" ... more
Homeschool Christian.com logo
HomeschoolChristian.com was founded in 1998 by Mary Leggewie and, with over 1,000 pages, continues to be an amazing resource for Christian homeschoolers. An index of the main sections of the site are shown below. Take some time to explore and enjoy the site! Please be sure to visit our message boards where you will feel welcome! We'd love to hear how you like the site and how we can support you in your homeschooling journey.
Talbot School of Theology logo
Image of Talbot School of Theology Graduates
"Talbot School of Theology is a theologically conservative, evangelical seminary in Southern California. With a 55-year heritage of biblical fidelity, the seminary couples solid evangelical scholarship with intentional character development to prepare students for a lifetime of relevant, effective ministry. The seminary's seven master's degree programs and three doctoral degree programs are led by a faculty of nationally renowned, actively engaged ministry leaders.

Talbot School of Theology is committed to the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes, character and lifestyles reflect those of our Lord, and who are dedicated to disciple-making throughout the world.

In this age of revolution, you have been called by God to recapture the spiritual and intellectual heritage of our faith. Talbot is looking for students who are committed to becoming the kind of leader who will follow Christ all the way to the foot of the cross. At Talbot, you will be asked to commit to the preparation it takes to effectively carry forward the cause of Christ. This includes gaining a masterful understanding of God and His Word, developing a Christ-like character, and learning how to relate the truths of the Gospel to the world you seek to impact." ... more
HSLDA logo
Our Catholic Prayers
"Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

HSLDA advocates on the legal front on behalf of our members in matters which include conflicts with state or local officials over homeschooling. Each year, thousands of member families receive legal consultation by letter and phone, hundreds more are represented through negotiations with local officials, and dozens are represented in court proceedings. HSLDA also takes the offensive, filing actions to protect members against government intrusion and to establish legal precedent. On occasion, HSLDA will handle precedent-setting cases for nonmembers, as well.

HSLDA advocates on Capitol Hill by tracking federal legislation that affects homeschooling and parental rights. HSLDA works to defeat or amend harmful bills, but also works proactively, introducing legislation to protect and preserve family freedoms.

HSLDA advocates in state legislatures, at the invitation of state homeschool organizations, by assisting individual states in drafting language to improve their homeschool legal environment and to fight harmful legislation." ... more
NHERI logo
image NHERI
"NHERI is the National Home Education Research Institute. NHERI conducts and collects research about homeschooling (home-based education, home schooling), and publishes the research journal called the Home School Researcher. The institute has hundreds of research works documented and catalogued on home schooling, many of which were done by NHERI. Simply put, NHERI specializes in homeschool research.

NHERI exists to do the following things:
- To research those who teach their children at home;
- To publish the research journal called the Home School Researcher, which chronicles the current research being done about home schooling;
- To speak to the media, legislators, and national organizations about the home schooling movement, showing factual research about those who teach their children at home;
- To serve as conference speakers and teachers for groups interested in home schooling; and
- To work with legislators on Capitol Hill, and with state/local legislators, on issues related to parental rights, the freedom we have to teach our children at home, and home schoolers coordinating with local school officials.

Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. founded the institute in 1990 as a 501(c)3 non-profit research organization, and is the president of the institute. He holds his Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State University, his M.S. in zoology from Ohio University, and his B.S. in biology from the University of Puget Sound. Dr. Ray has been a middle school and high school classroom teacher in both public and private schools, an undergraduate college professor, and a university professor at the graduate level. He is a leading international expert with regard to homeschool (home school, home education) research. Dr. Ray executes and publishes research, speaks to the public, testifies before legislators, and serves as an expert witness in courts." ... more
Homeschool.com logo
Homeschool.com Product ReviewsHomeschool.com Resource Guide"Homeschooling is the most exciting movement in education today! It's not exactly new; up until 1850 most children in America were educated at home. But the past 25 years have seen a revival in homeschooling, and now between two and three million children in the United States are learning at home. Homeschool.com was created to empower parents to create the ideal school for their child at home! Homeschool.com's founding principle is to consistently provide resources, information, and support to all homeschooling families.

Homeschooling is poised for explosive growth, and with that growth comes the responsibility to embrace the incredible diversity of families that choose to homeschool. Homeschool.com supports each family's unique approach to preparing their children for success! Explore Homeschool.com and let us help you... from getting started homeschooling to helping your young adult go out into the world!

Homeschool.com embraces the incredible diversity of the homeschooling community as well as the diversity of homeschooling resources available.

Our resource guide has been compiled to help parents make an informed choice in their selection of products and services for their child's home education.

Homeschool.com does not necessarily endorse the products and services listed in this guide." ... more
TFP iconThe American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property logo
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is an organization of lay Catholic Americans concerned about the moral crisis shaking the remnants of Christian civilization. Its origins date back to January 1971, when the first TFP members started to group around the publication Crusade for a Christian Civilization. Today, with over 120,000 active members, volunteers and donors, the TFP is on the front lines of the Culture War, peacefully defending the values of tradition, family and private ownership.

Central to the TFP mission is the idea that the various crises threatening American society and the Church cannot be seen as separate and disjointed. Rather they originate from a single cause.

The TFP handbook Revolution and Counterrevolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira masterfully traces the historical and philosophical roots of this single cause: a phenomenon called the Revolution

The TFP was born from the idea of a Counterrevolution, a reaction that would embrace every field of of human activity, but especially art, ideas and culture. TFP books, publications and newspaper advertisements help bring these views to the public. Moreover, the TFP is not afraid to take them to the streets with colorful sidewalk campaigns in major cities." ... more
"The American Chesterton Society works tirelessly to promote the writings and thought of G.K. Chesterton, one of the 20th century’s greatest writers. A convert to the Catholic Church, Chesterton wrote nearly a hundred books during his lifetime, and literally thousands of essays, in newspapers and magazines.

All the issues we struggle with in the 21st century, Chesterton foresaw, and wrote about, in the early 20th century. Social injustice, the culture of death, statism, assaults on religion, and attacks on the family and on the dignity of the human person: Chesterton saw where these trends, already active in his time, would lead us. He was a witty, intelligent, and insightful defender of the poor, the downtrodden, the weak, and especially of the family." ... more
"In September 1984, six St. Louis women gathered around a dining room table to discuss their concern that the US bishops, who had announced their intention to write a pastoral letter on the subject of "women's concerns", might not receive an accurate picture of Catholic women. The women were concerned about the impression given in the media that most Catholic women feel "alienated" from the Church, and dissent from Church teachings on issues ranging from abortion to ordination. They were aware that feminist theology had influenced many women and Catholic leaders. They wanted to do something positive to overcome this distorted image of Catholic women.

The result of the women's discussions was an eight-point statement of fidelity to Church teachings on a wide range of issues. They began to circulate the statement, called the Affirmation for Catholic Women, among their friends and colleagues, inviting them to reproduce the Affirmation and to help collect signatures

Women for Faith & Family was formed to assist in distribution of the Affirmation, to foster greater communication among faithful Catholic women, and to be helpful in communicating their concerns to the bishops and other Church leaders.

The response to the Affirmation was overwhelming. Within a few months, 4,000 signatures had been received, and a copy of the Affirmation with a list of the signers was sent to the Bishops' Committee on Women." ... more
CP For Life logo
From the time that Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 till today, tens of millions of Christian school students could have received a Pro-Life education. This group would have constituted a significant majority; and with them the culture of death might have already been defeated.

The Pro-Life movement has worked tirelessly, attempting to change the hearts and minds of adults in the voting booth and in government. But this is addressing the problem long after their minds are made up--their consciences formed

At the same, children's consciences are not being thoroughly formed and informed about the sanctity of life while in Christian school. The result is that Christian schools continue graduating more voters and future government leaders whose record of defending life is often no better than the national average.

This self-defeating cycle must stop, as it is one of the main underlying reasons why we have not yet ended the scourge of abortion and the many growing attacks against the sanctity of life.

Only by finally addressing this problem and moving to correct it can we begin to change our culture and our laws. Simply put, a nation that is uneducated is one that cannot change.

We are specifically proposing a curriculum that teaches about the sanctity of life at all stages of the human continuum, from conception to natural death, with particular emphasis on the time from conception to birth. Implementation of a comprehensive Pro-Life education program from kindergarten through twelfth grade will steadily increase the momentum of the Culture of Life. This education is most effective when parents also teach it at home, as parents are the first and primary teachers of the Christian Faith and of morals." ... more
TFP icon
The Pro-Life Action League, image: Abortion Clinic Presence
The Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action.

We are doing all we can to stop the killing and the exploitation. Some of our key activities are:
• Abortion Clinic Presence
• Public Protest
• Confronting the Abortionists
• Promoting and Defending Activism
• Broadcasting the Pro-Life Message
• Youth Outreach

Abortion Clinic Presence
Through prayer vigils outside abortion facilities and sidewalk counseling, we reach out to abortion-bound women and couples with abortion alternatives, confidential counseling, access to pregnancy resources and other help, and witness to the value of the lives being destroyed inside.

We believe sidewalk counseling is the most important pro-life work God has given us to do. Praying outside abortion clinics is the first step in becoming directly involved fighting abortion..." more
Kids Sunday School Place Inc. logoKids Sunday School Place Inc. image
"Kids Sunday School Place is your source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources, Sunday school lessons for children, Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs & much more. Teaching Sunday school is now more fun than ever!

We are a Christian ministry not sponsored by or affiliated with any particular church, denomination, or other entity.

Our Resources:
We are here to help you help children. We are committed to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by helping dedicated workers like you by creating high impact, fun filled lesson plans. We provide complete Sunday school lessons as well as ideas for bulletin boards, crafts, object lessons, games, activities, skits, stories, songs, teaching tips, and much more. We also have a unique feature called the Topical Index, which allows you to quickly find what you're looking for by topic.

With our on-line curriculum, you can print the resources that you want to use, for the exact number of students you have, allowing you to keep costs down and eliminate waste." ... more
The Common Good Online logo
"Common Good is a movement of faithful Christians dedicated to building a culture of life, family, freedom and solidarity. Common Good is authentically ecumenical and inter-religious, cooperating with other people of faith and all people of good will who share in our mission.

Our Mission
Common Good is a movement of faithful Christians, committed within their own Church traditions, working together for the advancement of true social justice, the protection of human rights, and the promotion of the Common Good.

Through our Foundation and its Alliance , Common Good is committed to education, motivation and effective social action proceeding from four pillars of participation; the dignity of life, primacy of the family, authentic human freedom and solidarity.

Through our Friends , Common Good seeks to leverage and expand our resources and influence to every segment of Church and society in order to transform human culture with the values informed by faith." ... more
Kids.gov logo
Kids.gov"Kids.gov is the official kids' portal for the U.S. government. It links to over 2,000 web pages from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to the learning level and interest of kids. Kids.gov is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC), those folks in Pueblo, CO 81009. You can learn more about FCIC by visiting www.pueblo.gsa.gov.

How The Site is Organized
Kids.gov is organized into three audiences: Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, and Educators. Each audience tab is divided into educational subjects like Arts, Math, and History. Within each subject, the websites are grouped as either government sites (Federal, state, military) or other resources (commercial, non-profit, educational). The sites listed under the other resources category are maintained by other public and private organizations. When users click on these links, they are leaving Kids.gov and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside websites." ... more
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