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American Inst. for Foreign Study logo
We bring the world together

Since 1964, AIFS has been the leading provider of cultural exchange and educational opportunities for more than 1.5 million people.

Take a look at our programs below and you will see... by bringing people and experiences together, we bring the world together
International Nanny Association logo About AIFS
Founded in 1964, the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) is one of the oldest, largest and most respected cultural exchange organizations in the world. With global offices in 15 countries, we organize cultural exchange programs for more than 50,000 participants each year. Our programs include college study abroad, au pair placement, camp counselors and staff, gifted education, high school study/travel and insurance services. Since 1964, more than 1.5 million students and teachers have participated in AIFS programs worldwide.
... more
Interexchange logo
image, Interexchange"InterExchange is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through work and volunteer exchange programs. For more than 40 years, InterExchange has been connecting young people from all over the world with life-changing international cultural exchange opportunities. In turn, we provide a unique answer for businesses, organizations, summer camps, and families in need of staff, interns, volunteers, camp counselors and au pairs. Our J-1 Visa and work abroad programs include:

- Au Pair USA: connects American families with qualified, enthusiastic child care providers from around the world
- Career Training USA: connects international students & young professionals with internships and training programs in the USA
- Camp USA: helps to match enthusiastic young people from around the world with camp counselor and support staff jobs at American summer camps
- Work & Travel USA: provides opportunities for international students to live and work in the USA in short-term, seasonal positions
- Working Abroad: helps young Americans discover the world through a variety of work & volunteer programs

InterExchange is designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

InterExchange Goal

In a world of instantaneous connection, people sometimes forget the importance of face-to-face, day-to-day interaction. At InterExchange, we believe that by allowing people to live and work side-by-side with people in another country, we can increase global understanding.

Everyone who participates in our program—whether a student, a young professional, an employer, or a family—comes away with a greater connection to the global community, and a better understanding of the world’s rich cultural diversity. We are committed to building cultural understanding—one person at a time." ... more
Au Pair Care logo
Au Pair CareAu Pair Care agency

"Au Pair Care is the premier au pair agency providing live-in childcare to American host families. In 1989, Au Pair Care became one of the first au pair agencies designated by the United States Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States. Since then, we've made more than 40,000 successful au pair placements across the U.S. Our au pairs come from more than 40 countries and have been fully screened by Au Pair Care. They all have previous childcare experience, speak English, and have a sincere interest in living with an American family. Most importantly, they love children and enjoy spending time with them."

"Au Pair Care is part of the Intrax family of organizations that provide a lifetime of high quality educational, work, and volunteer programs that connect people and cultures, with operations in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our sister companies include AYUSA, Intrax Career Development, Intrax International Institute, YES Abroad, Intrax Internships Abroad and Lango.

Being an Au Pair Abroad

Experience life in the United States as an Au Pair Care au pair! Become part of a new family and see how Americans live day-to-day. Make friends from around the world and travel throughout the U.S. Improve your English and attend classes at a nearby university. Plus, discover the rewards of caring for children. Every year, thousands of au pairs share these experiences when they go abroad through Au Pair Care." ... more
EU au pair logo
Image EU au pairEurAupair is a U.S. not-for-profit, public benefit organization founded to improve understanding among people of different countries through cultural exchange.

EurAupair, Intercultural Child Care Programs, is an official United States government designated exchange visitor program sponsor.

EurAupair was one of the first au pair programs to become designated by the U. S. Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States, and has placed tens of thousands of au pairs successfully with American host families since its' inception.

With over 20 years of experience, EurAupair is one of the oldest, largest and most trusted au pair organizations in the United States.

Through its network of affiliated overseas offices, EurAupair screens young people who want to become au pairs.

As EurAupair follows strict regulations, your family will be choosing an au pair from among the most qualified au pair candidates, and you can be assured that your au pair will arrive with all the proper legal visa documentation.

Like the au pair tradition itself, EurAupair has its roots in Europe. From this long-standing heritage, EurAupair brings to the United States bright, responsible au pairs who assist in caring for your children in exchange for inclusion in American family life, the opportunity to study at an American college, and exposure to a new culture." ... more
Great au pair logo
Great au pair image
"GreatAuPair is the leading international online job matching service used by families to find affordable, trustworthy caregivers, providing a safe place to easily connect, get advice and hire with confidence. Since 2001, GreatAuPair has helped over 1,000,000 families and care providers safely connect online for local and international care jobs.

Your source for trustworthy caregivers worldwide

GreatAupair helps people just like you find trustworthy, affordable care. We give you the most advanced search tools and security systems making it safe and easy to find caregivers with the specific traits and experience you seek. Whether it's child care such as a nanny, babysitter or au pair, or perhaps pet care, housekeeping, tutoring, senior care or a personal assistant, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a child care job and you want to work as a babysitter, nanny or au pair, we have thousands of caregiver jobs available right now. If you have special skills as a tutor, housekeeper, senior care provider or personal assistant, you've come to the right place as we have plenty of jobs for you, too!" ... more
Cultural Care Au Pair logo
Cultural Care Au Pair ImageAbout Cultural Care Au Pair

"Cultural Care Au Pair’s childcare and cultural exchange program offers families affordable childcare customized to their needs with a unique international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family while providing up to 45 hours of childcare each week. Our dedicated Cultural Care offices in over 20 countries take care of screening and training each au pair — helping her obtain her visa, providing her insurance, and transporting her to your family’s home. You simply need to start the matching process to find the au pair best suited for your family.

What is it like to host an au pair?

Because Cultural Care Au Pair is as much a cultural exchange program as it is a childcare program, we refer to each Cultural Care family as a host family. As a host family, you will welcome an au pair into your home as an extended family member and include her in activities and meals. In exchange your family benefits from a caring and dedicated caregiver who can offer your family so much more than other forms of childcare

You and your children benefit

Host parents choose au pair childcare because it's affordable and flexible — and because their children benefit from live-in, one-to-one care." ... more
Au Pair in America logo
image, Au Pair in America"Au Pair in America is a division of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). Founded in 1964, the American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) is one of the oldest, largest and most respected cultural exchange organizations in the world. With global offices in 15 countries, The AIFS organize cultural exchange programs for more than 50,000 participants each year. In addition to Au Pair in America, The AIFS programs include college study abroad, camp counselors and staff, gifted education, high school study/travel and insurance services. AIFS’ mission is to provide the highest quality educational and cultural exchange programs to enrich the lives of people throughout the world. Since 1964, more than one million students and teachers have participated in AIFS programs worldwide. AIFS first established the Au Pair in America Program in 1986, allowing young people the opportunity to experience the real US by living, working and studying in America, discovering the US culture and its people."

"Au Pair in America was the first legal au pair program to America to be designated by the US Government."

"For more than 20 years, Au Pair in America have provided the best childcare opportunities to more than 4000 au pairs from around the world every year.

Whether it’s your local interviewer, our head offices or your community counselor, we're all on hand to support you throughout your stay in the US." ... more
Go Au Pair logoImage Go Au Pair
Image Go Au PairThe Au Pair program was launched in 1989 by the U.S. Department of State. It consists of bringing foreign nationals between the ages of 18-26 to live with a family in the United States, take university credits and overall improve their English skills, while offering child care and performing light housekeeping.

Because the Au Pair program is carefully regulated by the U.S. Department of State, Au Pair and Host Family candidates must work with a designated sponsor of the Au Pair Program. These sponsors are responsible for background screening and training, travel, visas and managing Au Pair and Host Families interactions. Go Au Pair was one of the original six Au Pair sponsor agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State.

At our headquarters office, our Placement Coordinators meticulously review the preferences and qualifications of each Au Pair to begin sending Host Families information about numerous Au Pair candidates who best fit the Host Families’ needs. They also manage the Au Pair application process and once a match has been confirmed, your Placement Coordinator will begin working on the Au Pair’s arrival process.

Go Au Pair has been providing quality, child care for over 27 years. Beginning as a nanny company in 1984, Go Au Pair soon expanded to include Au Pairs and was one of the original Au Pair Program sponsors designated by the department of State in 1989. Go Au Pair has representatives in over 50 countries on 6 different continents and in over 65 American cities with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As an Au Pair agency, Go Au Pair provides families affordable child care solutions through various Au Pair programs. Au Pair child care is a cultural exchange program with a child care component. Parents can give their children the opportunity to learn from another culture and language, while receiving personalized care." ... more
Expert AuPair logo
"Expert AuPair is one of only 14 agencies designated by the US Department of State to operate an international au pair program, making us a safe, affordable cultural exchange program, trusted by students and families. Read our testimonials to see why people continue to choose Expert AuPair"
Expert AuPair image"Expert AuPair is an American cultural exchange program based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We match international students between the ages of 18 and 26 with host families in the United States who need childcare. International au pairs work legally for host families, providing up to 45 hours of childcare per week, in return for a weekly salary, educational support, and free room and board for one year."

"The goal of the program is to enhance the lives of young people from all over the world, while offering families the chance to experience a new culture and receive affordable childcare services."

"Our international exchange programs feature a rigid screening process of both students and families. This includes thorough background checks and in-person interviews. Exchange students must complete 32 hours of required childcare training, while host families will receive the support of a local representative in their area."

"We offer international exchange programs not just in Florida, but throughout the U.S., including Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C... more
Au Pair Foundation’s logo
Au Pair Foundation’s banner
"Au Pair Foundation’s mission is to provide all of our program participants with a quality cross-cultural experience that will enhance their understanding and acceptance of other cultures and foster life-long friendship in addition to providing quality child care to American families and educational opportunities to international au pairs.

Through the Au Pair Foundation Program, we hope to give American families the opportunity to learn more about world cultures by placing intelligent people from other countries who display positive attitudes and a willingness to be ambassadors for their home countries. Au pairs will be able to teach their host families about life in their countries and share the qualities of themselves and their culture throughout the program year. We feel that the host families, au pairs and the communities surrounding these families benefit from this exchange as the au pair integrates into daily American life.

Through this program, we also hope that the au pair will return to their home country and share with family, friends and countrymen a positive and realistic impression of life in America, the American people, and our uniquely blended and ever changing culture. ... more
Cultural Homestay International logoCultural Homestay International logo
"Cultural Homestay International (CHI) is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1980 by Tom and Lilka Areton to promote international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges. We believe that the best way to build bridges of friendship and trust among people is to experience directly each others' customs, languages and values. To live, study or work together leads to a transformational experience of acceptance and genuine affection. Young people who live with Americans as a family member, participate in the local community, or train in an American business open their minds to the values of volunteering, democracy and freedom. CHI aspires to share the benefits of cultural interchange with the many nations of the earth in the deeply held conviction that such exchanges ultimately contribute to a more prosperous and peaceful world.

For over 30 years, more than 250,000 students and young adults from over 100 countries have come to our shores to participate in CHI's educational and cultural programs, including Academic Year High School exchange, short-term Group Homestay, Au Pair child-care, Internship training, Work & Travel, and Camp Counselor experience. For American students seeking cultural experiences abroad, CHI organizes high school study, language teaching adventures, and work programs in various countries around the globe.

CHI is designated by the United States Department of State as a J-1 visa sponsor, and is a proud member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), World Youth Student Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation), WYSE Work Abroad, International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and The Alliance for International Educational & Cultural Exchange." ... more
Agent Au Pair, Inc. logo
Photo Agent Au Pair, Inc.Photo Agent Au Pair, Inc."The Department of State established the au pair program in 1986 as an educational and cultural exchange with a strong childcare component. The U.S. government designates certain sponsors to carry out the daily operations of the program and Agent Au Pair has been approved as one of the few designated sponsor organizations.

Agent Au Pair currently provides au pairs from over 40 countries in Europe, Asia and South America who are chosen for their passion to take a year off to satisfy their desire for an overseas experience and care for children.

Agent Au Pair directors have over 2 decades of combined experience in the cultural exchange field and possess a passion for fostering better relationships between foreign exchange visitors and Americans in an effort to promote international cultural understanding and tolerance.

The agency provides educational and cultural exchange among nations through its inter cultural au pair program that provides live-in childcare for American families. Agent Au Pair carefully screens the host families and verifies that they are enthusiastic about cultural exchange and will operate in the spirit of the program which includes treating the au pair as a member of their family and ensuring that the au pair can take advantage of the cultural experiences available." ... more
CHI Au Pair USA logoCHI Au Pair USA banner
image CHI Au Pair USA
"CHI Au Pair USA is part of Cultural Homestay International, a non profit organization that has been dedicated to building international under-standing through cultural exchange for over thirty years. At CHI Au Pair USA, a boutique agency, we prides ourselves on our customer service and one-on-one attention to our families. We provide a diverse selection of highly screened applicants from around the world who all share a love for children.

What is an Au Pair

Au pairs are young men and women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six who come from around the world to provide live-in childcare and cultural exchange for American families.

Au pairs provide up to 45 hours a week of loving and affordable live-in childcare for your family, while also introducing new cultures and languages to your children.

“Au Pair” is a French term meaning “on par” which aptly describes the relationship between an au pair and his/her host family. Au pairs live as a member of their host family, not as an employee." ... more
USAuPair logoUSAuPair bannerUSAuPair banner
USAuPair Image
"USAuPair is a U.S. State Department-designated sponsor for an au pair cultural exchange program. USAuPair bring to this program more than 25 years of experience in cultural exchange and hosting au pairs, including those for our own children.

Program Benefits

The au pair experience offers the opportunity to understand differences in cultural lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, language and making lifelong friends along the way.

Your host family pays your airfare to Portland, Oregon. This includes lodging, continental breakfast and lunch while you attend the USAuPair workshop on child development and safety.

During the program year, you receive medical insurance. A private bedroom, board, and weekly pocket money are provided in exchange for up to 45 hours of child care weekly.

By the end of the program year, your wages total more than US$9,900, paid in weekly sums of $195.75. This amount is determined by the U.S. Department of Labor and may change in the future. The host family also contributes up to $500 toward earning your six semester hours of postsecondary education.

You are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation during the year, one complete weekend off each month, and a minimum of one and one-half days off every week.

USAuPair counselors support au pairs to help smooth the transition, ease potential culture shock, and ensure the successful completion of your program. The counselors also arrange fun monthly meetings with other au pairs in your area." ... more
Sunny au pairs logoSunny au pairs logo
Au Pairs

"Tired of being contacted by the same scam artists promising you hundreds of pounds, travelling expenses and visas? On Sunny Au Pairs we only allow GENUINE families to contact our au pairs. We verify our families before they are allowed to make contact with our au pairs, so you know that the information you receive is reliable. Not just anyone can use Sunny Au Pairs.

Host Families!

Faced with hundreds of au pair agencies on the net? Daunting isn't it? How can you tell which ones are reliable? Put simply, you can't - but we ARE different. Sunny Au Pairs is run by myself (Susi) and my husband, Rob and we have four children. We have had many au pairs and now we will help you find yours! You can register with us for FREE and for £70.00 +VAT for 6 months or £110.00 + VAT for 12 months (no extortionate placement fees) we provide you with access to hundreds of au pairs who are verified by us.

Not just anyone can use Sunny Au Pairs. So no scam artists asking for money. Plus, we are here on the phone, this isn't a part time thing for us - and if you need some advice or support we are always happy to offer it any time. Just pick up the phone! Of course, you can email us too! We really want to help you find your au pair so register for free today to see who would love to be part of your family!" ... more
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