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image International Guild of Professional Butlers
The International Guild of Professional Butlers

Mission Statement
"The Guild is dedicated to promoting & protecting the interests and reputation of its Members and the Private Service profession
The Guild's philosophy of promoting mutual respect makes us the foremost organization for bringing together employers and candidates who seek similar long term quality relationships.

Our consulting methods, combined with our membership and worldwide network, allows us to work quickly and effectively to fill client's staffing needs.

Our client list includes satisfied owners of multiple staffed homes as well as more modest individuals or families seeking that special professional to bring more quality time and service into their lives. The Guild's staffing division has been bringing together top professionals and excellent employers for more than ten years.

The Butlers Services

The Butlers Services include recruitment & training of Private Staff such as butlers, household managers, personal assistants, chefs, couples etc." ... more
Greycoat Placements logoGreycoat Placements

"Greycoat was founded in 1996 and from the very beginning the driving philosophy has always been one of professionalism, integrity and trust. The company is determined to deliver an unrivalled service to its Clients and Candidates. The company began with a staff of two and has grown enormously since then, developing the business into further sectors, such as Catering & Hospitality offered by Lumleys, and expanding our Childcare sector to include Education, whereby we can now also source Private Tutors and Pastoral Staff for Independent Schools.

Our International sector aims to be as global as possible, endeavouring to fill any job registered with us, in any number of far flung locations (subject to Visa restrictions). Even though our recruitment operations are far reaching, we will always continue to offer a friendly, personal, discreet service.

The staff at Greycoat have always been carefully chosen for their personal experience and ability in their field. Our high quality service is directly related to the quality of the staff we employ. We invest in training and personal development for all our employees. Through motivation and team work, everyone at Greycoat is valued and successful in their roles, and this is evident in the service they then provide to their Clients and Candidates.

Managing Director, Debbie Salter says, “Our Clients may have the luxury of having private domestic staff, but do not have the luxury of time to be able to source the right people, and that’s where we come in. Our knowledge of the market is second to none and our reputation in providing the best quality service and building long term relationships means our Clients use us time and time again." ... more
4HomeHelp.com logo4HomeHelp.com logo4HomeHelp.com logo
4HomeHelp.com Image4HomeHelp.com Mission:

"4HomeHelp is busy building America's first Household Staffing Portal, the first and last stop for domestic staffing. What does this mean?

American families today are challenged to find balance between their professional lives and their personal lives. Parents working outside the home need childcare. 4HomeHelp will allow families to perform a self-search for a nanny, or locate appropriate staffing services to provide more assistance.

American families need help in the home, whether a full time housekeeper, household manager, personal assistant, or a regular cleaning service. 4HomeHelp will allow families to perform a self-search for a housekeeper, personal assistance, etc. or to locate appropriate staffing services. Families looking for a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service can search our directory of Cleaning Services.

Care for elderly family members needs to be located. 4HomeHelp allows families to perform a self-search for an elder companion or home health aide. Families may also search our database of Geriatric Care Managers to provide more coordinated care.

Can you trust your nanny applicant, the person applying to help your mother at home, your housekeeper? Children and the elderly are our most vunerable family members. 4HomeHelp lets families order pre-employment criminal screening (at the source, not from outdated databases), DMV records retrieval and search sex offender registries to help put your mind at ease. Searches are ordered online and results are generally available within 2 - 3 business days.

Families that employ staff in their homes become employers in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service and their state's Department of Labor. The housekeeper or nanny was hired to make the family's life easier, who can help with the payroll issues? 4HomeHelp refers families to HomeWork Solutions Inc, a nationally respected household payroll and employment tax service.

In short, 4HomeHelp's mission is to help today's busy families find the home and family care services they need - because life is busy enough!" ... more
Regal Domestics logoRegal Domestics Image
Heartland logo
Heartland Image"Rely on Heartland for the right placement the first time"
"Your domestic service needs are unique to your home, estate, or ranch. Each position requires a detailed job description and precise qualifications. Plus, your ideal candidate must offer a wide range of skills, experience, and professionalism.

Your domestic service needs are unique to your home, estate, or ranch. Each position requires a detailed job description and precise qualifications. Plus, your ideal candidate must offer a wide range of skills, experience, and professionalism."

"Experience our heartfelt commitment to domestic service"
As a national domestic staffing agency, Heartland have placed live-in and live-out private service professionals in homes, estates, and large ranches throughout the country for over 25 years. Our candidates are thoroughly screened, highly skilled professionals who are committed to service.

"So much more than a simple resume!"
"We thoroughly interview candidates and their references to ensure their experience, personalities, and career goals match your needs. You receive detailed profiles of select candidates – only after they pass our exhaustive screening process. We are able to refer the best-qualified candidates due to our sterling reputation, large national database, networking abilities and, most of all, our heartfelt commitment to service." ... more
Your Personal Shopper logoYour Personal Shopper logo
Your Personal Shopper image"Your Personal Shopper is a network of personal shoppers, who are able to fill your every request for personal gifts, business items, promotions, etc…

In today’s business world and personal life, we realize that time is precious and that sometimes, there is no time to dedicate to finding that special gift for that special someone. Don’t worry. Let us take the pressure off of you. Just tell us what you need, how much you would like to spend and we will take it from there. We will do the shopping for you and even have it shipped. If it’s a gift, we can have it wrapped. Whether it is one item or hundreds of gifts for any occasion or holiday, we will take care of it. Your Personal Shopper has years of experience shopping for businesses and individuals. We are ready to help you make your time a little more flexible.

Your Personal Shopper has gained the trust of many customers. We are now offering you our buying service on line, via the internet. We can find the right gift. Give us a range of what you want to spend on a gift or if you know the exact gift and don’t have time to get it, we will do all the leg work for you." ... more
The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency logoThe Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency logo
The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency logo
The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency logo
image The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency
"The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency provides some of America’s finest homes with professional domestic service personnel. We understand the importance of high standards, privacy and ultimate discretion and enjoy an impeccable reputation for matching personnel with employer."

"We specialize in the placement of all levels of domestic staffing in homes and businesses throughout the United States and abroad. Our placement backdrops have included all-inclusive formal and country estates, in-town and suburban households, yachts, ranches, and resorts. We place live-in and live-out, full-time, and part-time help."

"We are sensitive to the special relationship that exists between household employees and their employer and the way they affect the everyday life of those for whom they work. Finding a qualified employee is only the beginning. Our process is extremely individualized and the resulting candidate recommendation is based equally on skill and personality. We carefully profile both employee and employer in order to present the most compatible candidates for consideration. We strive to establish a long-term relationship the first time. The Hanselman candidate database is updated, researched and honed daily to insure that we are ready for you when you need us."

"At The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency, we are in the people business and we stand behind the people we place. "Our goal," Robert Hanselman says, "is to make the right placement the first time". Our Placement Guarantee assures that if you are not completely satisfied within the first ninety days, we will replace the employee at absolutely no additional charge to you. Our fee for professional household placement is a one-time fee, based on a percentage of the employee's annual salary." ... more
The Lindquist Group logo
USGS image"The Lindquist Group is a leading residential staffing consultancy. We offer retained and contingent placement services, consulting services and operational support for all residential and childcare specialties.

Where The Lindquist Group operate
The Lindquist Group operates from four principal offices in the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia, Greenwich, Connecticut, New York, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. In the past five years, we have worked with clients in 44 states. We have also completed numerous sourcing assignments in Western Europe and maintain licensure in London for future engagements there.

The Lindquist Group scale and scope of work.
In the past ten years, we have conducted over 10,000 searches for private service professionals across the full spectrum of domestic staffing disciplines. Our present database includes over 15,000 candidates. In recent years, we have expanded our business to include consulting services, and we are always seeking additional services, people, and operating practices to improve our value proposition to clients and candidates.

How The Lindquist Group work
We take pride in operating our business with adherence to four basic values: discretion, integrity, service, and diligence. We have built our business largely through word-of-mouth, and we value the opportunity to serve fair and respectful clients in any way that we can. We also seek to deliver a highly personalized level of service. We prefer to begin every engagement with a client visit, preferably in our client’s home or at one of our offices. We explore the client’s lifestyle objectives, service level requirements, cost objectives and current needs.

The Lindquist Group Staffing engagements.
Where new staff is needed, we focus on selecting the right people, not the first available. Clients are always short of time, but speed must take a back seat to quality if we are to achieve the best fit. Where client or candidate expectations are out of line with the market, we offer recommendations that will maximize the size of the candidate pool, attract top talent and yield a successful hire…one that lasts. We do not accept every search" ... more
IDPG logoIDPG logo
"the International Domestic Placement Group (IDPG) have the most competitive fee structures in the domestic industry."

The reason we can do this: Our large client base.

Most domestic agencies only place locally or even statewide. They have lower volume and therefore higher fees to the client. International Domestic Placement Group clients are located across the U.S. and internationally. We have literally hundreds of clients throughout the world and a database of thousands of the top domestic candidates. Our volume translates to a lower cost to you!

IDPG maintains the highest standards of quality. We successfully screen the very best domestic staff to match the needs of our selective clients.

The Process
The ProcessUsing our database, International Domestic Placement Group finds several candidates that meets your specific needs. Once you select your candidate, you are allowed a “working interview”, meaning you will then get the opportunity to “try out” this employee. By doing this, it saves you time and money, and lowers the chances of replacing the domestic at a later date. You will not be invoiced until you have fully accepted the domestic.

Background Checks
All candidates recommended by IDPG have full background investigations on file. We use a third party, licensed, private investigative firm. The background checks are available for you to review. GUARANTEED!

We strive to keep overhead to a minimum and therefore offer very competitive pricing for our placement services. Please contact us directly to learn more about our fees." ... more
Distinguished Domestic Services logo
"Distinguished Domestic Services, an Elite Placement Agency for your domestic staffing needs. Located in Los Angeles, CA our clients include celebrities and high profile families from around the world. Distinguished Domestic Services has over twenty years of experience staffing private homes and estates.

Distinguished Domestic Services represent only the most experienced and highly qualified candidates for the following positions:
• Estate Managers
• Butlers
• Housemen
• Personal Assistants
• Chefs
• Couples
• Security
• Chauffeurs
• Housekeepers and Nannies

The agency provides the highest level of personal service to both employers and prospective employees. Please complete the appropriate form for Employers or job Candidates so we can begin to address your individual needs." ... more
Aunt Ann's In-House Staffing logo
Aunt Ann's In-House Staffing banner
Science NetLinks"Aunt Ann's In House Staffing has been specializing in exclusive domestic staffing services for 50 years. Aunt Ann's have worked with some of the world's finest families and estates, representing highly trained and qualified domestic household personnel."

"Aunt Ann's In House Staffing is a full-service private service placement firm that specializes in the staffing of key private service positions including nannies, housekeepers, baby nurses, doulas, executive house keepers, private chefs, chauffeurs, butlers, household managers, domestic couples, estate managers, companions, personal assistants, executive assistants and more."

"Today, the third generation of Collins women own and manage Aunt Ann's In House Staffing with an exceptional group of dedicated staff. As third generation owners, Denise and Sue Collins take great pride answering the question: "Who was Aunt Ann? with "Our grandmother Ann Collins."

The Aunt Ann's History
"In 1958, Ann Collins, her son Tom and daughter in-law Sophie Collins opened Aunt Ann's Agency on Franklin street in San Francisco. The business opened it's doors as a babysitting and nursing registry serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area and within a year became a full service nanny, domestic and eldercare referral agency with an overseas office"

"In the past 50 YEARS... Aunt Ann's have earned the trust of tens of 1000's of families. Aunt Ann's have built long term relationships with the multiple generations of its clients staffing their homes with Childcare, Household & Estate, Eldercare & Homecare employees." ... more
Royal Domestic Placement Services logo
Eden Private Staff logo
Town & Country logo
Town & Country
Domestic Placement Network logo
Domestic Placement Network The Domestic Placement Network

"Are you looking for experienced service staff for your home? Do you want to save valuable time and screen only qualified, professional applicants? If so, Domestic Placement Network can help make your search easy. Domestic Placement Network offer the most extensive network of candidates available for hire, and present you with only the top resumes. Use the Employer links to learn more about The Domestic Placement Network search process, or contact DPN now to discuss your search without obligation."

Private Staffing Search

"Put The Most Trusted Name in Private Staffing to work for you!"

"DPN full-service domestic staffing agency provides experienced, professional, domestic staff to exclusive clients throughout the USA."

"With an unmatched network of professional domestic employees and industry experts DPN provide access to top candidates nationwide. You'll receive the most complete search possible, supported by an in-depth background investigation and a full one year replacement guarantee. Your new hire is virtually risk free!" ... more
Hampton Domestics TM logo image Hampton Domestics TM

"Hampton Domestics doesn't stop working for you once we've found the employees that you require. We follow-up with our clients regularly. After a placement has been made, we make periodic contact with our clients so that we can be available if you have any problems or concerns. We want to ensure that you'll have a comfortable employer-employee relationship. We can provide assistance and/or advice regarding salary, vacation, and employee performance issues." ... more

The Hazel Agency logoThe Hazel Agency banner
The Hazel Agency imageThe Hazel Agency

"The Hazel Agency has become a leader in providing quality domestic staffing for residences and private estates throughout the Atlanta metro area and other cities in the Southeastern United States. Regardless of your needs, we have qualified candidates that not only fit your job description, but also your lifestyle.

The household services

The Hazel Agency prides itself on providing a full range of household services. Established in 1996, The Hazel Agency has assisted thousands of families in securing competent domestic professionals in private residences throughout the Atlanta metro area and other cities in the Southeastern United States. Whether you are a first time user or a family with decades of household personnel, we have just the right candidates to fill your needs."

The process begins with a comprehensive telephone consultation and a thorough review of your requirements. Our staff will screen and select several qualified candidates for consideration.

Once we've established a pool of candidates, they are then sent to you for an interview so that you may select the appropriate individual for the position. Interviews are conducted at your convenience and place of your convenience (usually in your home). After selection, there is a two-week trial period plus our 6-month placement guarantee." ... more
Traycee Home Services logo
Traycee Home ServicesTraycee Home Services
"Founded in 1974, Traycee Services continues to be one of Chicagoland's oldest and most respected home service companies. Traycee Services is a family business which has grown to serve thousands of people from birth to their senior years.

Traycee personalized services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." ... more
Pro Care Agency Inc. logoBanner Pro Care Agency Inc./All Best Nannies
""Pro Care Agency, Inc./All Best Nannies is a highly selective Nanny and Household Staffing Agency. We do business in the Chicago metropolitan area and throughout all of Illinois. We also provide limited services in Wisconsin, Indiana and nationwide. Only the best candidates will be registered with us.

What makes us special and separates us from the other agencies? Our clients say that we are the most responsive, reliable agency that they have ever worked with. This is why our clients refer our services to their friends and family.

We understand the enormity of a parent's decision to place their children and loved ones in someone else's care, and the importance in finding the right person to work closely with your family and in your home. Pro Care Agency prides itself on putting thoughtful care and planning into the detailed matching of our candidates' profiles to our clients needs. To do this effectively, we invest considerable time into really getting to know both our clients and candidates. We personally interview all applicants on a one-to-one basis and always thoroughly check their experience and background, to ensure that we know our nannies and domestic candidates before we refer them to our clients. You can trust in our capability to deliver professional, bright and compassionate care.

We are so confident in our candidates that we offer a free replacement for the first 12 months after a placement. This is one of the longest guarantees that are offered in the business!" ... more
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